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Thermal AMC Prevention Unit
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:TAU
award 3

“Thermal AMC Prevention Unit” is the first thermal control equipment that can remove airborne molecular contamination (AMC). It greatly increases the yield rate and efficiency in the semiconductor and FPD industries.
This equipment has the functions of AMC removing, cleanliness control and precise temperature and humidity control to solve the problem of bad quality due to environmental factors.
1.Preventing the lamp from hazing:Extending the durable life of the lamp.
2.Preventing the lens from hazing:After using this equipment, it doesn’t need to clean the lens for at least 6 years.
3.Prevent the exposure from rusting inside:After using this equipment for 6 years, the evaporator is good as new without any rust.
4.Improving the yield rate of production
Cleanliness: Class 4
Temperature accuracy range: ±0.5 °C ~ ±0.05 °C
Humidity accuracy range: ±5% RH ~ ±0.5% RH
AMC removal: >90% in main AMC


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CHD TECH provides the best environment for the world's most advanced processes, and assists corporations and countries to achieve a carbon balance.
1. Introduction: CHD TECH was founded in 2003, mainly providing mini-environment control equipment and energy-saving services for semiconductor industries. We won 31 awards such as National Award of Outstanding SMEs, and some of them are received from the president.
Major customers include global semiconductor fabrication plants, advanced IC packaging and testing plants and global IC equipment suppliers.
2. Process equipment business group: We are the largest semiconductor mini-environment control equipment manufacturer in Taiwan and China, with a temp. precision of ±0.01℃, and capabilities to monitor and remove AMC.
3. Energy saving business group: With nearly 20 years of energy-saving experience, we have saved clients 1 million on power cost. We also reduce CO2 emission, equals to the carbon sink capacity of 688 Taan Parks.


The brand name is "CHYI DING", "CHYI" means special, unexpected and beautiful; "DING" means grand and treasure, which symbolize our commitment to develop the perfect craft of clean air. The brand of CHD contains four advanced technical dimensions: Total solution of cleaning air, Mini-Environment Control, Chemical Contamination Detection and Energy Saving Service. We pursue precision and stability of implements, making the perfect craft of clean air and offering the high-customized service with prominent controlling ability for customers and focus-market.