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IFA 2019: Cool gadgets from Taiwan  
Date published 2019-09-06

2019, 6 September – Berlin

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to bringing our existing technologies into the future. While it was merely a revolutionary idea just a few years back, AI has entered our everyday life, transforming the way we interact with technology. ''Taiwan has always been at the forefront of innovative developments in the tech world, and this hasn't changed with AI", says Prof. Dr. Jhy-Wey Shieh, Representative of Taiwan, Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany, at the beginning of the Taiwan Excellence press conference at IFA 2019.

Forward-looking technologies like AI and associated topics like connected industrial and service robots are trending massively in Taiwan. This is one reason why the country's government has made it a priority to help transform Taiwan into the best possible environment for AI innovation and applications. Taiwan's plans to become the Silicon Valley of Asia have already come to fruition, as the country scores highly in the Global Competitiveness Index, the Global Entrepreneurship Rank and the Global Innovation Index. It has attracted global attention as an AI innovation hub, with giants such as Google, Microsoft and Nvidia setting up AI research centers in Taiwan.

''This year, 23 Taiwanese companies are once again showcasing fascinating new products that will excite anyone with an interest in the newest AI developments and technologies", says Mr. Jhy-Wey Shieh. During the press conference, titled "Transforming Life with AI and Technology from Taiwan", select leading Taiwanese companies presented their technological innovations with a strong focus on AI and robotics.

The featured products are as follows:

Kebbi Air – Future of Service Robots

While industrial robots help improve productivity in factories, service robots interact with humans more directly within our homes or in public life. As such, it's important that these robots recognize and reflect human inputs such as speech or gestures. Kebbi Air by NUWA Robotics achieves this with refined speech recognition, object recognition and various other sensory capabilities, as well as 12 AI-controlled servomotors that give the little fellow an unprecedented facial expression and body language quality. Teachers can use the Kebbi Air Robot in their classrooms using a one-stop programming platform to help their students learn more quickly and to develop rigorous computational thinking and creativity in an abundance of scenarios. Since there is no need to learn a programming language to make use of the learning programs, Kebbi Air is the perfect fit for education, service and entertainment purposes with its exquisite and interactive performance.

R1898 Audio Solution – Next-Level Speech Recognition

RelaJet, a startup from Taiwan founded in 2019, shows that AI can even help people communicate, interact and fully participate in life. Its R1898 audio solution comprises a powerful, AI-driven speech and sound recognition engine that lends revolutionary hearing aid solutions capabilities. It can distinguish between different voices within only 10 milliseconds and is able to divide and enhance them within three to five seconds. Interfering environmental noise isn't a problem anymore as the audio solution can selectively eliminate them on-the-fly. It even allows its users to "hear the space" as it constantly analyzes sounds in the environment, converts them from 2D to 3D and thus realistically simulates a 3D surrounding.

HiMirror Mini – Personal Beauty Consultant at Your Fingertips

Can Big Data make you more beautiful than you already are? Of course not. But the HiMirror Mini can enhance your beauty by offering you a personal beauty consultant in the palm of your hands – with the world's smartest beauty mirror. In just three steps, you can analyze your skin, track your progress and find products that are best suited to you. Scan and track all your skincare products to see which products improve your skin and which aren't giving you the desired results. To best help you manage your routine, HiMirror Mini Premium also reminds you when products are about to expire and assesses different makeups in a virtual makeover before buying anything. The integration of video playback allows you to follow YouTube tutorials and you can present the results to the world via Instagram and Facebook, all directly from your beauty mirror.

Vinaera Pro – The World's First Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator

Smart technology for the finer things in life: Why wait to decant your wine when you can do it perfectly within seconds? Aren’t there better things to do during a candle-light dinner than to think about wine? The Vinaera Pro is the newest in a series of electric wine aerators from Vinaera that have won numerous prizes and rewards for their design and functionality. The distinguishing factor of the Vinaera Pro is its adjustable nature - a world first among electric wine aerators. Different aerator times will lead to different flavors, and now you can choose your favorite flavor. With one tap, you'll achieve it. And as cleaning is implemented in just 10 seconds, you save time for more important things after your dinner too.

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