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Thailand, and Taiwan United to Hold “Thailand-Taiwan Smart Healthcare Seminar & Trade Meeting 2019” building Thailand into Asia's Medical Hub
Date published 2019-09-20

The Thai government is implementing a 10-year plan to build Thailand into Asia's medical hub and actively introducing smart medical-related products and solutions, which are in line with Taiwan’s industrial advantages. In order to promote cooperation between Thailand and Taiwan in the field of Smart Healthcare. Thailand-Taiwan Smart Healthcare Seminar & Trade Meeting 2019 was held on 20 September 2019, 13.30 – 17.50 at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) Taiwan, R.O.C., the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and jointly organized with The Federation of Thai Industries Thai (FTI) and Thai Medical Device Technology Industry Association (THAIMED)., introducing smart healthcare products and solutions from award-winning Taiwanese companies.

More than 100 participants attended the event. Hospital including Siriraj Hospital, BNH Hospital, The Bangkok Christian Hospital, Navamin9 hospital, Kluaynamthai Hospital, and Sirindhorn hospital; Private Sector including Berli Jucker Co., Ltd. Neopharm Co.,Ltd., National healthcare (N Health), JWT Healthcare, Biopharm Chemicals Co., LTD.  and Worldmedic Information Technology; Government including Ministry of Public Health, Thai Association for Medical Instrumentation, Radiological Society Of Thailand, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), and  Chulabhorn Royal Academy.

Mr. Jason Hsu, Director, Economic Division, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Thailand presented that Taiwan's long-established ICT strength has consolidated Taiwan’s healthcare and inspired medical health innovation. Indeed, its achievements are internationally renowned. For example, Taiwan’s semiconductor wafers and equipment are used by the world's largest genetic sequencing company, Illumin; and Taiwan’s panels are used in both General Electric (GE) and Siemens’s electronic medical equipment. Authoritative organizations such as the World Physician Conference and the American Medical Association have visited Taiwan. In short, countless countries have recognized the technologies and noticed the business potential of Taiwan's healthcare industry.


Ms. Shao-Hui Lin, Deputy Executive Director, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) stated that today’s Taiwanese companies represent the epitome of Taiwanese industrial advantage, because their products are selected through rigorous selection process. Taiwan Excellence Award selection was launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Taiwan, R. O. C. in 1993.  More than 100 judges evaluate products in terms of R&D, design, quality, marketing, and made in Taiwan every year. Only the top products that meet these criteria can be awarded as “Taiwan Excellence”. Award-winning products can use the “Taiwan Excellence logo” to promote themselves, which making consumers and buyers know how to buy  good products wisely by choosing the ones with the Taiwan Excellence logo, just like  customers can choose best restaurants easily by choosing the ones are awarded with MICHELIN STAR. Actually, these two awards share things in common, award winners are all selected by specialists in terms of 5 criteria, so are trustworthy, world-renowned and preferred by consumers, and all have the good brand image.

Subsequently, representatives from six Taiwanese leading companies including HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP, Advantech Co. Ltd., IEI Integration Corp., Mediland Enterprise Corporation, Imediplus Inc. and Faspro Systems Co. Ltd., presented.

Mr. Cyrus Tong, Associate General Manager, HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP presented with the topic of " Intelligent Robotic Endoscope Surgery ". He introduced that HIWIN’s Robotic endoscope holder can improve endoscopic surgery efficiency because it provides steady image so decrease seasickness effect and avoid eye fatigue, and its intuitive feet pedal is user-friendly,

Mr. Watcharapong Suekumnerd, Intelligent Healthcare Country Sale Manager, Advantech Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd presented with the topic of " Smart Hospital Management ". He said that Advantech Smart Hospital Management are composed of three parts, which are Integrated Operation Room, Quality Nursing Care, and Clinical and Patient Service. Advantech’s Smart Hospital Management corresponding product, Medical-Grade Computer POC-W212, is adopted by Royal Perth Hospital. It is the arm-mounted in bedside for real-time monitoring of patient vital sign to clinical information, and with the touchscreen, RPH can not only creates a paperless environment, but also minimized wire deployment.

Mr. David Hung, Supervisor, IEI Integration Corp presented with the topic of " IEI Smart Healthcare- Nursing Solution ". He stated that in the past, most nursing carts are heavy, equipped with small screen and messy with cables, but Medical Cart Computing (POCm-W22C-ULT3, POC-W22A-H81) can solve these problems and increase the efficiency and save money (The typical price range of nursing cart battery is more than USD 500 (after service included), but IEI lithium battery saves more than USD 400 cost).

According to the research in a hospital of Taiwan, each nursing staff needs to walk nearly 6.8 km per day, but with the adoption of Bedside Digital Headboard (IOVU-10F-AD-R10), and Smart IV Drips Solution, nursing staff can monitor patient’s data by these devices.

Mr. Ray Yang, Regional Sales Representative, Mediland Enterprise Corporation presented with the topic of " State-Of-The-Art UVC Disinfection System_ Hyper Light ". He said that Hyper Light Disinfection Robot is equipped with UV-C light wavelength 254 nm, which can inhibit the replication of DNA and RNA, and then kill bacteria, viruses, and organism. The product is also equipped with Amalgam Lamp, which is better than mercury lamp since it is Ozone free (<0.035ppm), 12,000 hrs lamp life (regular mercury lamp approx. 4,000 – 8,000 hrs) and Higher power density UV-C output than mercury lamp in high ambient temperature. The product is wireless tablet control. The software provides easy and intuitive operation to complete the disinfection process and record the disinfection data automatically.

Ms. Michelle Chang, Sales Manager, IMEDIPLUS Inc. (Brand Name: Cardiart) presented with the topic of “Technology Medicalization – The Key of Smart Medicine in The Future”. The Electronic Stethoscope’s patented organ map makes the sound recordings more detailed. Its sound filtering and frequency selection function highlight the pathological sound and amplify sounds for hearing subtle sound changes. Besides, its visualized phonocardiogram helps identify heart murmurs. It also can store recorded auscultation, which can facilitate consultation and teaching

Mr. Adam Horng, VP,  Faspro Systems Co., Ltd. presented with the topic of “Medical Digitalization & Telemedical Application”. He introduced that wireless Head-Wear Medical Camera can be used in Dental medicine, Beauty medicine, Surgery, Veterinary. It can record each patient medical process with video and audio and share the real time medical process for remote education, so can be applied to Medical Digitalization and Telemedicine. The product is light, only 130 gram, instant Auto-focused (5cm ~ Infinity), and can narrow view area (selectable):10˚, 19˚, 28˚ or 38˚, so it is convenient for the user.

After the companies’ presentation, more than 40 business matchings between these Taiwanese companies and Thai hospitals, enterprises were held to increase business opportunities. The event was in line with the needs of Taiwan and Thailand, so TAITRA would hold the event next year.

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