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Global Views: GMT Accomplishing Intelligent Manufacturing, Advancing Toward Industry 4.0
Date published 2020-09-07

Upholding the vision “Intelligent automations… Yearning for convenience”, GMT Global Inc. distributes its products all over the world under the brand “GMT”. With its products extensively used in smartphone and semiconductor industries, GMT Global Inc. won the 22nd Innovation Award hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as having multiple products winning the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2015, 2019 and 2020. In the future, GMT Global Inc. will increase its investment in R&D and continue to innovate so as to realize the blueprint of intelligent manufacturing and work towards Achieving Industry 4.0.

Established in 1994, GMT Global Inc. focused on the manufacture of precision molds and mold components in the early days of its development. In 2006, GMT began to produce linear motion components. To embrace the idea of “building an intelligent automation realm and achieve the industrial convenience”, GMT keep on growing the depths and width of its products. Not only dedicated itself to development, improving quality and delivering products on time, GMT Global Inc. also started its own brand in 2007, distributing its products all over the world under the GMT brand with the hope of helping the manufacturing industry to build up smart factories, gradually moving towards Industry 4.0.

  • Continuous innovation and transformation, marketing under its own brand

Ever since its founding, GMT has undergone constant innovation transformation. General Manager Chen Chih-Hsin said that over a decade ago, when numerous Taiwanese mold plants moving offshore, GMT sensed a business opportunity and started to develop and manufacture automation components. Regarding its business strategy, it shifted its focus from highly profited semiconductor OEM to venture down a brand-new path to allow spaces for future development.

With more than a decade of development expertise, GMT is well prepared for Industry 4.0. First step to consolidate capacity for parts and components, then advanced to modularization and systematic integration, thereby able to maintain its place as the most competitive firm on the market. For example, in 2015, after transitioning to automation industry, GMT’s precision stamping mold parts was favored by major testing equipment manufacturer and used in the production process of cellphone parts, leading GMT’s business into the semiconductor industry.

This year, due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, many corporations are laying off employees or reducing costs. But GMT do the opposite, is not only investing more on their employees, but also encouraging them to further their education and training as well as continuing to invest in R&D. Moreover, GMT set 2020 as “GMT’s Year Zero for Knowledge”, implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKR) management, Statistical Process Control (SPC), and Lean Manufacturing and such management methods to accumulate energy for future endeavors. To adapt new norm of marketing under pandemic, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) has been commissioned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade to implement the relief measure of reinforcing digital trade and electronic commerce, which helped GMT continue its marketing activity in the virtual world.

  • Winning the Taiwan Excellence Award, Driving Concept Engineering Forwards

It’s GMT’s continuous innovation and development that allowed them to win the 22nd Innovation Award hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Taiwan Excellence Awards numerous times. When recalling the reason for their first participation in the Taiwan Excellence Award, Mr. Chen Chih-Hsin said that a collaborating academic praised their products saying, “Your products are so good! Why don’t you participate in the Taiwan Excellence Awards?” Therefore, GMT signed up six of its products (such as the ultra-high-resolution-precision direct-drive stage, the XY-axis equidirectional operation and so on) for the award and achieved a 100% success rate. All six products won awards and it was in 2015 that GMT first won their award. In 2019 and 2020, GMT further won the 27th and 28th Taiwan Excellence Awards with a variety of products such as the GIR actuator and the GECC electric cylinder.

For GMT, winning awards is not just a boost for the firm and its brand, but also motivation for employees to work harder. Mr. Chen Chih-Hsin discovered that since the core values of the Taiwan Excellence Award is centered upon research and development, design, quality, marketing and value innovation. Their employees were more comprehensive in their considerations, such as paying more attention to design concepts and researching the functions of competing products, thereby realizing “Concept engineering”. “The process of preparing and participating in the awards allowed us to identify the market trends and needs better, so that the products we develop offer a more competitive edge.” said Mr. Chen Chih-Hsin.

  • Backed by Guaranteed Quality, Developing Global Markets

In developing markets worldwide, GMT’s main competitors are top enterprises in Japan and Germany. GMT’s outstanding performance in The Taiwan Excellence Awards is a strong marketing aid in foreign markets. “The Taiwan Excellence Awards is a shiny and desirable certification. Thanks to TAITRA’s persevering promotion, many foreign customers know about these awards and how they endorse the quality and capacity of GMT’s products. As well, it proves that GMT is a world-class MIT brand with guaranteed quality– it’s defiantly a force that aids us in breaking into the local supply chain!” Mr. Chen Chih-Hsin emphasized.

The Taiwan Excellence Award symbolizes outstanding quality and represents our prides of MIT– Made In Taiwan; therefore, GMT uses the Taiwan Excellence symbol extensively in its packaging, catalogues, documents, websites, exhibitions, and every SNS accounts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Line@). Moreover, GMT emphasizes winning the Taiwan Excellence Awards in its advertisements in the SmartAuto magazine and web news, as well as the 2020 Online Marketing Towards India event, further reinforcing its high-quality image and enhancing the GMT’s brand.

To encourage the winners of the 27th and 28th Awards to make use of the Taiwan Excellence symbol, TAITRA has implemented “Measures for the Encouragement of Comprehensive Use of the Taiwan Excellence Symbol by Businesses”, GMT among the 12 chosen outstanding firms that TAITRA will assist in promoting both at home and abroad. Mr. Chen Chih-Hsin hopes that by continuing to raise the awareness of the brand “GMT” and its image, bringing about more business opportunities and sales.

This exclusive is provided by the “Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project”, delegated to Global Views. For the full article in Chinese, please see: https://www.gvm.com.tw/article/74267

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