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Taiwan’s Innovative Devices and Assistive Technology for Seniors Health Care
Date published 2020-09-09


Sept. 17, 2020 - Taiwan Excellence Smart Medical Product Launches took place yesterday, September 16. This time, Taiwan Excellence focused on the aging society and presented four brands awarded for their innovative products, including Gigantex's carbon fiber wheelchair, Merits' foldable power wheelchair, iXensor's point-of-care testing solution, and Leadtek's wireless fingertip oximeter.

As the quality of medical technology improves around the world, the average age of human beings is rising. According to a 2019 United Nations report on world population aging, there were more than 703 million people aged over 65. Over the next three decades, it's predicted this will double, reaching more than 1.5 billion people in 2050. This trend has been noted in an increasing number of countries and efforts have been made in long-term care policies and facilities. Demand for elderly care products, such as assistive technology and home care service, is also projected to skyrocket.

Since 2014, Taiwan has ranked as the second largest exporter of assistive devices. The output value of assistive devices in Taiwan has reached $930 million. Of these, mobility assistance has the largest output value, reaching $354 million, or 38 percent of the total in 2019. Four Taiwan Excellence Award brands, Gigantex, Merits, iXensor and Merits, demonstrated their excellence in long-term care area with the launch of their trusty healthcare products.

Taiwanese companies remain committed to designing new and reducing product weight to create a more convenient wheelchair. Gigantex focused on carbon fiber and designed a one-piece construction and super-light wheelchair. Their carbon fiber wheelchair. MF012 is designed in an 'H' shape, which allows the user to fold it in seconds. It is considered one of the lightest folding wheelchairs on the market. Merits' YOYO compact folding power wheelchair P113 is for users who need to rely on power wheelchairs for indoor, home and short trips. Not only is it lightweight and foldable, it's also equipped with a detachable battery box. These features allow users to carry a wheelchair on different kinds of transport.

Homecare service is essential for seniors to understand and control body conditions. Some of these innovative devices are now even able to become useful tools for detecting COVID-19. iXensor's portable and efficient device not only provides telehealth services, but also makes significant improvements in community care and rural health care. The PixoTest® POCT system shows results in only three minutes. Now, iXensor aims to aid in the early detection of the virus and is undergoing the necessary testing. Leadtek's wireless fingertip oximeter is a very convenient all-in-one device that measures oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The device is a full-colored OLED display and its battery can last more than 18 hours. Low blood oxygen is said to be a possible factor in COVID-19 suspects, and the oximeter allows people to do a preliminary test at home.

All of these innovative and reliable products provide better care for users and enable long-term care facilities to save time, costs and improve services. Taiwanese companies are also confident in providing the best possible care for global users as the older age group grows.


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