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Global Views: Inserting Innovation, Pumping out Excellence. WALRUS Creates a World-Class Brand
Date published 2020-09-01

Water is the source of life. The pump, an invention based upon and designed through the consolidation of human wisdom, continues to bring forth quality-of-life through the water streams it provides. WALRUS was established based on the importance of clean water. To improve the water quality in Taiwan, WALRUS continuously engages in product R&D and pursues technology innovation, becoming a model within the industry and a leading water pump brand in Taiwan. Its products have won the 2016, 2018 and 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award and the TPRK series becoming the first industrial water pump in Taiwan to win the award.

Established in 1967, WALRUS’ founder, Mr. Huang Hsiu-Hsiung, saw his family perish due to cholera from drinking contaminated unclean water and was spurred on to provide high-quality water supply systems that ensure premium water quality. With “Better Life Through Innovation – Inserting Innovation, Pumping out Excellence” as the brand’s core values, WALRUS strives to provide the public with the best possible water quality and continues to make breakthroughs in the development of Taiwan’s water pumps.

WALRUS has accumulated over 50 years of expertise in design R&D, development, manufacture and marketing of MIT water pumps, with products distributed to more than a hundred countries all over the world. Keeping to its original core values, all innovation at WALRUS derive from the needs of its clients. With the goal of providing clients with all-purpose pumps, WALRUS has established the WALRUS Pump Dynamic Laboratory, as well as manufacturing technology and verification departments to ensure that the public enjoy high-quality water and through premium pumps and to realize the vision “WALRUS Dedication, Ensuring Water Safety for the Public”.

  • Embracing the Artisan Spirit, Persistence in Brand Innovation and Vision

In terms of product innovation and development, WALRUS upholds the “artisanal spirit” it has adhered to since its founding, with all its motors and pumps made in Taiwan! In its early days, WALRUS relied on selling ordinary home pumps. In 1991, it began to develop and manufacture its own motors; in 1990, it started pouring resources into the research of “engineering plastic” and producing upgraded plastic home pumps that are rust-free. In 2019, it introduced the HQ_B and TQ_B series that meets antibacterial standards.

In 2015, WALRUS successfully applied for the use of the IE3 Motor Inside logo from the “Industrial Technology Research Institute – High-Efficiency Motors Alliance”, continuing to introduce and develop IE3-IE4 motors and increasing the number of products authorized, as well as increasing the pump’s overall energy efficiency. General Manager Huang Chin-Yun talked about the Company’s developments this year – “WALRUS introduced a brand-reshaping project, borrowing the expertise and experience of the Process brand from Switzerland to acquired the 2020 ‘Taiwan Brand Launching Project’ opportunity from the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA 2020 through its ‘WALRUS International Brand Optimization Project’; continuing to seek development in Taiwan, with eyes fixed on the global stage!”

Realizing the importance of a diversified strategy, WALRUS has, starting from last year, begun to collaborate with S&J, a firm that has serviced Taiwanese manufacturers for more than twenty years, for early activation of its digital marketing. Both firms agreed to started with AI customer service systems, implementing projects like industrial streaming, online exhibition center for machine tools and water resources, and search engine optimization (SEO). Due to their pre-emptive arrangements, the impact from the coronavirus pandemic was greatly reduced. Even though most physical expositions have been cancelled or delayed this year, WALRUS is still able to promote its products to people around the world through its digital marketing projects.

  • Qualitative Change Through Contest Participation  Enhancing Team Growth

With more than a half-century’s worth of innovation, WALRUS’ products meet the national IE3 efficiency standard, with certification acquired from six major global international professional certification bodies: CE&RoHS from Europe, CSA-C/US from North America, 3C from China, WRAS from the UK and ISO9001, as well as recognition from Taiwan Excellence; with its HQ800 series home electronic control pump, PW-AD series low-water level siphoning submersible pump and the TMRK series industrial immersible pump winning the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2016, 2018 and 2020, respectively.

“The three winning products are pumps of different types and specifications, and a true testament to WALRUS, a business of 53 years, being an expert and local Taiwanese business with special emphasis on quality, continual innovation and dedication to its own brand.” Ms. Huang Chin-Yun goes further to explain that in seeking confirmation of the Company being a high-quality brand, they set winning the Taiwan Excellence Award as a company-wide goal starting from 2015. By pursuing awards and certification, WALRUS would not only be able to acquire domestic recognition; but would also be able to seek development in international markets and increase revenue. By participating in the Taiwan Excellence Award, the WALRUS team continuously assessed whether their products meet corresponding values and values through five criterion – Development, Design, Quality, Marketing and Made-in-Taiwan. Even if WALRUS does not receive the favor of the judges, the team will continue to work towards winning the award following year. “Participation in this process changed our organization and brought about qualitative change in the team, with our colleagues gaining a wider perspective of things.” stated Ms. Huang Chin-Yun. 

In both domestic and foreign exhibitions, winners of the Taiwan Excellence Awards tend to become the focus of attention, which is why WALRUS has actively strived to participate in the Taiwan Pavilion and increase the Company’s exposure. It also actively uses the Taiwan Excellence logo for the marketing of its products, receiving the help from TAITRA’s “Measures for the Encouragement of Comprehensive Use of the Taiwan Excellence Symbol by Businesses” this year. Ms. Huang Chin-Yun expects the following marketing benefits: “Other than reports by Global Views, WALRUS can also acquire social media marketing to three major international markets – The United States, China and the New Southbound Policy countries, as well as exposure on the Taiwan Excellence’s official website and Facebook page, greatly confirming WALRUS’s quality through resources from Taiwan Excellence’s marketing platform; helping WALRUS achieve export development for international markets.”

This exclusive is provided by the “Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project”, delegated to Global Views. For the full article in Chinese, please see: https://www.gvm.com.tw/article/74270

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