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Global Views: Tronco Electric Machinery Focuses on Smart Green Energy, Leading the World in Automatic Door Solutions
Date published 2020-08-27

Founded in 1994, Tronco Electric Machinery manages its own brand “TRONCO”. Having gained a deep understanding on the product needs of the architectural market through decades of experience from its associate company Fufa Industry regarding construction metalwork; Tronco has continuously engaged in R&D to enhance its expertise as well as production capacity. In the early stages of its development, Tronco focused on the manufacture and sales of infrared detectors and electronic curfew locks. In 1999, it started the development and manufacture of brushless motors , eventually acquiring key competitive advantages such as systematic integration and machinery design. It is through these advantages that Tronco expands its business and gains the reputation for being the “expert in high-performance motor applications.”

  • As sturdy as an ox, comprehensive control through vertical integration

Tronco General Manager Weng Chih-Wei shares his thoughts on innovation and development. In his point of view, one must adopt the steadfast, unwavering determination of an “Taiwanese ox” in all stages of the company’s business, from testing products with customers in the early stages of development, processing genuine feedback, to undergoing product improvement and solving challenges before finally coming up with a brand-new product. Today, Tronco has refined all stages of its one-stop service, including development, design, manufacture, marketing, distribution, and services. “Only by undergoing R&D, can a business obtain key technology and seek further upgrades, thereby deliver customized or designated products for its clients!” Compact, high performance and efficiency are hallmarks of Tronco products. Regarding its market position, Tronco does not adopt low prices or aim for high-end products. Instead, it focuses on integration of expertise at reasonable pricing. In addition to the domestic market, Tronco has been exporting its products to countries in Central Asia (such as Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Iraq, Bahrain and Dubai) for over a decade. Today, Tronco’s automatic doors are used by high-tech plants, cleanrooms, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the Kazakhstan Airport, Penghu Airport, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, as well as various mansions and exhibition centers.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, automatic doors are in high demand as their non-contact operation method benefits health management. Tronco Electric Machinery Inc. has seen significant increase in urgent orders from hospitals around the globe and its sales figures have skyrocketed. What’s more, Tronco’s “Smart automatic cloth dispenser” is specifically designed for hospital use as it minimizes the changes of contamination. It is this product that emerged as the wining product of the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award!

  • Taiwan Excellence Award – Must-have for excellent MIT (made-in-Taiwan) businesses!

Tronco Electric Machinery has always been a low-key model business which emphasizes innovative development and quality enhancement but rarely pursued awards of any kind. Having participated in trade delegations hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (abbreviated as TAITRA) for many years, Tronco Electric Machinery gradually enhanced its understanding on the Taiwan Excellence Award. In 2019, Tronco Electric Machinery decided to sign up for the Taiwan Excellence Award through its smart automatic sliding door system and was awarded the 27th Taiwan Excellence Award. Its smart automatic swing door then won the 28th Taiwan Excellence Award in 2020 the following year.

“The Taiwan Excellence Award is the annual Oscar for Taiwanese products symbolizing the spirit of MIT (made-in-Taiwan). From start to finish, Tronco’s products are 100% made in Taiwan!” Mr. Weng Chih-Wei makes a further comparison: Just as students must certify themselves in the General English Proficiency Test, Taiwanese firms must also be certified in the Taiwan Excellence Award; “It serves as both a must-have award for good Taiwanese businesses as well as a testament to excellence!”

The Taiwan Excellence Award also serves to encourage the Tronco Electric Machinery team; since the members of the internal development team are very young, the competition gave them a common cause by focusing on the five aspects emphasized by the Awards. The award formed a sense of MIT pride among the company’s employees as well as clients. Mr. Weng Chih-Wei proudly stated that the quality of MIT automatic door rivals that of Japan and Germany competitors.

  • Confidence and possibilities: challenging international awards

After winning the Taiwan Excellence Award, Tronco Electric Machinery has made extensive use of its Taiwan Excellence symbol on its product packaging, official website, official Instagram account and Facebook group, leading to it being picked for TAITRA’s “Plans for Promoting Comprehensive Use of the Taiwan Excellence Award Symbols by Firms”, with more marketing exposure both domestically and internationally with the help of TAITRA. Mr. Weng Chih-Wei emphasized that “Winning the Taiwan Excellence Award is an honor, a good story, and very helpful for marketing our products!”

For Tronco Electric Machinery, the Taiwan Excellence Award leads to confidence and endless possibilities, with plans in the future to challenge major international awards such as Red Dot and iF. Mr. Weng Chih-Wei hopes that Tronco products will become the leaders of the international automatic door industry, with Tronco being the brand with the highest market share. In the future, it will also focus on smart green energy and improve the applications of high-efficiency brushless motors, becoming an all-round expert in system solutions! After the pandemic dies down and countries begin to lift quarantine measures, Tronco Electric Machinery plans to attend the Taiwan Expo (organized by TAITRA) held abroad and become an outstanding business at the Taiwan Excellence Exhibition, with the aims of enhancing overseas exposure and develop business opportunities!

Specializing in automatic door control systems and their accessories, Tronco Electric Machinery’s products are used in a wide variety of applications, such as mansions, offices, shops, hospitals and factories, sold in both domestic and foreign markets under the brand “TRONCO”. Having received certification from Switzerland’s SGS, Germany’s TUV and EU’s CE as well as winning the “Taiwan Excellence Award” for two consecutive years (2019 and 2020), TRONCO plans to continue developing smart and green energy goods in the future, becoming a comprehensive system solutions provider of automatic doors!

This exclusive is provided by the “Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project”, delegated to Global Views. For the full article in Chinese, please see: https://www.gvm.com.tw/article/73938

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