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Global Views: KSS Cable Cultivation in Taiwan, Eyes Set on the Global Stage
Date published 2020-08-27

Since its founding, KSS has been dedicated to “satisfying customers all over the world with the most professional quality and services in the industry of cabling accessories”. Thriving under Chairperson Chiu Chun-Hsiung’s leadership for over 5 decades, KSS successfully launching “MIT” KSS to the global stage through its outstanding mold developing technologies and research capacities. KSS has received the Taiwan Excellence Awards every year since 2016, achieving new heights of development.

Taiwan was midst the industrialization process in the 1970s. Born and raised in Qigu, Tainan, Chiu Chun-Hsiung acknowledges the vital role of cabling accessories in future development and decided to focus on development, manufacturing and sales of various cabling accessories by founding KSS in 1969..

  • Steady progress toward the global market

KSS started as a small factory of less than a hundred square meters in the countryside of Qigu. Fifty years later today, it has become the leader of the industry, with numerous R&D achievements in recent years. It continues to make progress in international markets as a "Premium Taiwanese” brand by breaking stereotypes of traditional industrial products using innovative and functional structures as well as vibrant, colorful designs; successfully creating discussion in the market.

In the early days of KSS’s founding, many factories weren’t aware of how to best use “cabling accessories”. To expand his business, Chairperson Chiu Chun-Hsiung paid visits to practically every single factory in Taiwan, gradually making KSS cabling accessories well-known. On these visits, the needs of these customers are always met – a business policy that KSS takes pride in. As the industry changed, KSS stepped into the wider global market with its exceptional “MIT” quality. KSS products are sold in over 126 countries in all five continents and ranked as the Asian 1st as well as world 3rd firm in cabling accessories, confirming the market’s trust in the KSS brand.

  • Customers come first: Building a system for customer needs

To adapt to rapid changes brought about by digital information technologies, KSS has been continually updating its branding strategy, with various international management system certificates such as ISO9001 and IATF16949 and having thousands of its products complying numerous international safety regulation certificates such as UL, CSA, DNV.GL, VDE and CE. “Since we are in the service industry, we built mold factories for customized products. We provide clients with customized products in the shortest time possible. To accelerate shipping, we even invested more than five hundred million dollars to establish an automatic inventory system, staying ahead of everyone else in the industry.” “KSS product catalogue consist of over ten thousand different products so in the 1990s, we implemented a fully-automated inventory management system to satisfy the needs of our customers with the swiftest of services.”

Under the guidance of Chairperson Chiu, the second generation of leaders – General Managers Chiu Ping-Che, Chiu Ping-Yang and Chiu Ping-Yu managed the company’s business operations and helped the company make necessary transitions in face of the digital age, while paying more emphasis on customer relations and brand marketing. In 2007, KSS established its global operation headquarters in Dujia Industrial District in Qigu, Tainan. The headquarters combines fully automated production processes with a logistical processing center and introduced and ERP operational system which uses computers to control the entire production process, so as to facilitate mass production as well as reduce labor costs. Furthermore, KSS also actively promotes it brand and has since acquired three major awards – Exceptional Firm, Outstanding Contribution and Best Products – in the National Brand Yushan Award, as well as repeated success in Taiwan Excellence Awards ever since 2015.

  • Quality goods from Taiwan make our life easier

Starting from professional manufacture of cabling accessories, KSS has always insisted on quality. Through repeated research and development procedures, KSS has been introducing new items with wider applications. In recent years, KSS works towards the goal of “Make our life easier” in seeking innovation and development; thereby winning the 2015, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020 Taiwan Excellence Awards through all-new products such as reusable cable ties, traction cable ties, luggage ties, hook ties, handcuff ties, releasable cable ties and modular cable holders create values. KSS turns cabling accessories from industrial necessities to quality goods for more convenient living, winning the love of millions of households and reinforcing KSS value as a global brand.

In recent years, KSS has, under the guidance of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (shortened to TAITRA hereafter), attended countless international exhibitions as an outstanding Taiwanese firm, greatly increasing exposure in the international market and enhancing trust in the KSS brand. Despite the challenges from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, KSS still uses the new online Taiwan Excellence Exhibition platform to reach out to potential digital and social media buyers, thereby acquiring steady profit in the first two quarters.

Compared to firms who face the ever-changing markets by themselves, KSS is thankful for TAITRA’s aid in developing overseas markets. “With the government’s backing, KSS stands firm in face of global competition and promotes the ‘MIT KSS accessories’ to the world!”

This exclusive is provided by the “Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project”, delegated to Global Views. For the full article in Chinese, please see: https://www.gvm.com.tw/article/73937

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