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Global Views: TAITRA Leading the Way in Digitalization, Enhancing the Branding of Taiwan Excellence
Date published 2020-08-27

Taiwan Excellence represent the pride of made-in-Taiwan (MIT) products – a common image shared by Taiwanese products with innovative value. Thanks to the Taiwan External Trade Development Council’s (TAITRA) continuous promotional efforts, the quality that Taiwanese Excellence marks guarantee has reached 106 countries and regions, enjoying high international prestige. In the future, TAITRA will focus on e-commerce and continue to lead businesses in seeking business opportunities and let the world witness the innovation and quality of premium Taiwanese quality products!

Ever since the Ministry of Economic Affairs established the Taiwan Excellence Award, TAITRA has been responsible for both domestic and foreign marketing, shaping the innovative image of Taiwanese industries. In 2013, the Taiwan Excellence Award underwent a transformation and remerged through the “Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project”, which repackaged the Award through diversified and integrated marketing events, focusing on its market position since 2019: Innovation in Taiwan Brings Wonder to the World: “Taiwan Excellence, Everyday Excellence”, promoting the best MIT products and the best experiences!

  • Integrated Marketing Lets Taiwanese Premium Products Shine in International Markets

The Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project includes the selection of premium Taiwanese products and marketing integration planning. The annual selection of premium Taiwanese products is conducted by both domestic and international expert evaluation committee members based on four professional assessment criterion – R&D, Design, quality and marketing, with the goal of selecting products that can best represent Taiwanese industries.

In terms of integrated marketing, TAITRA continues to conduct promotions through domestic and foreign media, the Taiwan Excellence Award official website, social media platforms and the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion (Nangang Exhibition Hall 1). Every year, over a hundred Taiwan Excellence exhibitions are held both at home and abroad, generating diverse topics, including trade, digitalization, exhibition, events and sports marketing. Examples include the Berlin Marathon, the charity run by TAITRA in Indonesia and the sponsoring of the CPBL. In recent years, TAITRA has been holding the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup in various countries (such as the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and India), inviting champions to compete in Taiwan and promoting Taiwanese gaming products and brands to the younger generation in countries listed in the New Southbound Policy.

This year marks the 29th Taiwan Excellence Award; to encourage the winners of the 27th and 28th awards to make use of the Taiwan Excellence Award mark. TAITRA has initiated the “Plans for Promoting Comprehensive Use of the Taiwan Excellence Award Symbols”, selecting twelve top firms for domestic and international marketing exposure. TAITRA Secretary-General Yeh Ming-Shui explained, “TAITRA encourages every winner to see themselves as ambassadors of Taiwanese Excellence, amassing promotional resources and comprehensively promote Taiwanese quality products as well as increase advertisement efficiency through products, catalogues, official websites, advertisements and social media!”

  • Advanced Deployment: Assistance Through Digital Marketing

Last year, TAITRA initiated its digital marketing project, serving as advanced deployment in face of recent lockdowns and cancellations of physical exhibitions due to the coronavirus pandemic. By arranging digital Taiwan Excellence exhibitions, global online retailing platforms and streaming, TAITRA has promoted Taiwanese firms and increased international exposure, as well as match firms with potential buyers around the world. Digital Taiwanese exhibitions use 360° 3D modelling technology to showcase 418 Taiwanese products, displaying the MIT pride to the world. TAITRA also cooperated with online retailers such as Rakuten and PChome Thai to establish special display areas for Taiwan Excellence; even acquiring special discounts that lower the costs of firms wishing to conduct online retail sales! With zero contact being the new norm, TAITRA continues to conduct promotion and advertisement through virtual exhibitions, online press conferences and web seminars!

  • Matchmaking: Turning Global Crises into Business Opportunities

During the pandemic, since Taiwanese firms cannot conduct oversea promotion, or hold, attend exhibitions and while international buyers are not allowed entry to Taiwan. TAITRA has served as the matchmaker. By making good use of the resources from offices abroad, TAITRA could search and screen local buyers and provide Taiwanese businesses with business opportunities through online conferences. Mr. Yeh Ming-Shui emphasized that “Our goal is not only to promote our brands, but to help firms acquire purchase orders and turn the global crisis into business opportunities!”

TAITRA first held its first online product conference on March 30th focusing on “Exploiting Business Opportunities in the Global Pandemic Control Effort”. It attracted around 90 buyers from fifteen countries in Europe and facilitating deals orders for dry hand wash. TAITRA also contacted over 20 medical institutions and 2,000 firms to establish an online “Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion”, activating digital information sharing platforms and providing overseas buyers with a one-site online service. TAITRA has already hosted online product conferences for the medical, hardware tools, smart traffics and smart machinery industries, pushing through the pandemic and advertising to buyers at home and abroad.

  • Leading Transformations: Guiding E-commerce Development

To help businesses adapt to new pandemic trends, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs is injecting 70 million dollars the “Digital Trade and Electronic Commerce Enhancement” to be overseen by TAITRA. The plan is to construct an e-commerce ecosystem and hold courses on virtual reality videos, AI product videos, expert photography, precise keywords, social media exposure, marketing and guides on entering global online retailers; helping firms to transition to e-commerce platforms.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of TAITRA’s founding; Mr. Yeh Ming-Shui emphasized that “TAITRA’s goal is to serve businesses. We need to be one step ahead of businesses and evolve with the times, becoming a leader in e-commerce markets.” TAITRA will continue to hold online conferences, matchmaking sessions & forums. It’s future exhibitions will adopt the O2O format, which allows simultaneous online and offline international marketing. He also calls out to low-key competitive firms: “I hope more outstanding Taiwanese firms can join the ranks of Taiwanese Excellence and become part of the elite team that promotes Taiwan’s industrial capabilities!”

This exclusive is provided by the “Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project”, delegated to Global Views. For the full article in Chinese, please see: https://www.gvm.com.tw/article/73917

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