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Pawbo Expands Pet Care Portfolio with Trackers and Smart Treat-Dispenser
Date published 2017-08-30

BERLIN, GERMANY (August 30, 2017) Pawbo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Acer, today announced three new products: Pawbo iPuppyGo, a lightweight tracker that keeps tabs on pets’ activity levels and wellness; Pawbo WagTag, a cloud-connected collar for dogs that keeps track of their location and monitors the environment around them; and Pawbo Munch, a smart treat-dispenser that works with the Pawbo+ allowing pet owners to interact with their pets, whether at home or from afar.

Pawbo iPuppyGo – The Health and Fitness Tech Trend Now Extends to Pets

Pawbo iPuppyGo is an activity tracker that keeps tabs on pets’ exercise levels, sleep patterns, mood index, and health status. Through a smartphone app that connects with the device over Bluetooth, pet owners just need to set up the iPuppyGo with basic information of their pets, and can start recording and tracking to promote optimum health and boost wellbeing. The lightweight device is available in five colors, and is just 35 mm in diameter, so that it can be discreetly clipped onto the animal’s collar.

What’s more, the iPuppyGo provides fun and incentives for both owners and pets alike through its Treasure Hunting game, available via the iPuppyGo app. This unique feature encourages pet owners to walk with their furry companions, through clues and giveaways hidden on the Treasure Hunt map, urging owners to hunt for the treasure with prizes and offers as incentives. 

Pawbo WagTag – Keep Track of Your Dog, Anywhere

Through hybrid positioning technologies including GPS, AGPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G, Pawbo WagTag gives pet owners the peace of mind in knowing exactly where their dog is, indoors or out. It utilizes energy efficient tracking techniques to allow the collar to last for days on end before requiring recharging. Geo-fencing technology allows owners to create safe zones and receive push notifications when dogs enter or leave a safe zone. In addition, the WagTag includes a dynamic virtual leash feature that alerts the owner when the dog strays too far when they are out for a walk.

Pawbo WagTag also offers a unique bark detection feature that sends notifications to owners on sensing unusual barking behavior and turns on voice recording to allow owners to hear what’s going on. Additional sensors detect accidental impact and surrounding temperature so that owners know their dog is safe and sound. Friends and family can even help pet owners remotely ‘pet-sit,’ receiving the same notifications that the owners do. 

Pawbo Munch – Rewards Treats to Pets, With a Twist

Pawbo Munch is a smart treat-dispensing system which can be operated by either the remote control, or through the Pawbo Life app on a smartphone by connecting it with a Pawbo+ interactive pet camera. Pawbo Munch is also compatible with pet treats of all shapes and sizes with the snack input modifier, which lets owners select the right snack type and portion sizes for their pets.

Pawbo Munch comes with a clever ‘slot machine’ style game where pets will be rewarded with varying amounts of treats. These nutritious and delicious rewards are dispensed from the slide or tray when symbols are matched at random, providing fun for both pets and owners alike. Pawbo Munch also plays catchy musical tunes, offering an entertainment ‘station’ that keeps pets mentally stimulated, helping boost well-being, and essential feel-good factors that pets need as much as humans.

Exact specifications, prices and availability of the device will vary by region. To find out about availability, product specifications and prices in specific markets, please visit www.pawbo.com.

About Pawbo 

Pawbo was founded in 2014 by a group of people with a passion for technology and their furry friends. Pawbo strives to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance how owners interact with and care for their beloved pets. Through the integration of hardware, software, and services and a human- and pet-centric approach, Pawbo delivers solutions that allow people to fully enjoy the perks of being a pet owner anytime, anywhere. For more information, please visit: www.pawbo.com



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