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Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup 2023 (TEGC) Finale Wraps Up in Grand Style, Celebrating 10 Years of Gaming Excellence, and Inclusivity
Date published 2023-11-18

Delhi, 18th Nov: The gaming world witnessed an epic moment as the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup (TEGC) 2023 celebrated its thrilling 10th-anniversary grand finale at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon NCR on November 18. India's longest-running esports championship surpassed the boundaries of ordinary gatherings, becoming an immense celebration of a decade of gaming excellence, pioneering inclusivity initiatives, uniting renowned gaming influencers, and showcasing the finest gaming products from Taiwan. 

Throughout its evolution, TEGC has transformed into a platform that acknowledges and welcomes the positive influence of gaming on both individuals and communities. Prioritizing the link between gaming and a comprehensive approach to well-being, the platform extends beyond mere skill and competition, actively encouraging a healthy and inclusive lifestyle among enthusiasts worldwide.

The TEGC 2023 qualifiers took place from September 28 to Oct 22, culling the regular players from the ultimate champions. During the grand finale event, the prizes were distributed among the winning teams including Legacy Esports and Gods Reign for Counter Strike 2, GodLike Esports and TWOB for Call of Duty Mobile. This year's championship also received substantial support from leading Taiwanese brands, known for their excellence in gaming and lifestyle products, including AIFA, Annie’s Way, AORUS, AROMASE, CyberPower, D-Link, dc Mask, Derma Angel, G. Skill, In Win, IPEVO, MSI, Predator, Republic of Gamers, Thermaltake, TOKUYO, Transcend, VICTOR, XPG, Zowie, Zyxel, etc. Onsite, visitors also experienced the meticulously crafted battle royale game “Raider SIX”  by Starlight Gaming, a Softstar Entertainment company from Taiwan.

The prestigious grand finale event was graced by some of the gaming industry's most celebrated influencers, such as Snax and Krutika. Attendees had the honor of interacting with these prominent figures, culminating in the formation of unforgettable memories.

In a remarkable initiative this year, TEGC undertook a unique effort by introducing a groundbreaking competition exclusively designed for India's top female gamers. The event featured a special match of CS 2 between two female gamer teams. The competition was dedicated to showcasing the remarkable talents of women in the world of esports, making a profound statement about inclusivity and diversity within the gaming community. 

TEGC made another noteworthy impact by aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of this initiative, TEGC partnered with an NGO dedicated to the education of underprivileged children. These children were graciously invited to attend the finale in person. The event provided an overwhelming experience for them as they had the opportunity to explore incredible Taiwanese products and engage with popular influencers, turning the day into a fun-filled and enriching experience.

Over the past decade, TEGC has become a cornerstone in the Indian esports landscape, firmly establishing itself as a pioneering force in the nation's thriving esports arena. The annual event experiences a significant increase in participant numbers each year. In its inaugural edition, there were approximately 565 participants. However, the 10th edition, witnessed an impressive turnout with over 27,789 participants.

Talking about TEGC’s journey in India, Ms. Estela Chen, Executive Director of Economic Division, Taipei Economic & Culture Center – India, said, "TEGC has been a transformative force in India's esports landscape. Over the past decade, we have witnessed a remarkable journey of growth, excellence, and inclusivity. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in shaping India's dynamic esports scene, fostering the talents of aspiring gamers and we look forward to a promising future, where TEGC continues to inspire, innovate, and elevate the world of gaming in India. Taiwan Excellence will keep introducing the Best Made in Taiwan to India to aid cooperation in all areas between the two nations."

The grand finale also offered live performances, delightful surprises, and an immersive exploration of the exciting worlds of gaming and innovation, leaving all participants revived and enriched by this exceptional experience.

TEGC has been the launching pad for many of India's beloved esports champions, these talents have not only emerged from TEGC but have also made significant strides in a multitude of national and international esports tournaments.

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