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Date published 2023-08-29

Ho Chi Minh City, August 21, 2023, after 3 days of organization, the event "Taiwan Excellence -  Explore a stylish lifestyle " by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan (MOEA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) took place very successfully with more than 6000 visitors. Thanks to the excellent product system and many attractive sideline activities, the event made a strong impression on visitors and laid a solid foundation for the connection between Vietnamese consumers and quality products and leading brands from Taiwan.

Taking place from 18 – 20/8/2023 at Van Hanh mall, "Taiwan Excellence - Explore a stylish lifestyle" introduced to visitors 58 products best made in Taiwan. These are the creative solutions of 23 leading brands that have won the Taiwan Excellence award to help consumers' lives become more optimal and convenient. These brands are divided into 2 groups:

●       INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION: Acer; Acerpure; BenQ; GIGABYTE; InWin; IPEVO; Maktar; MSI; Transcend; Zyxel.

●       COMFORT LIVING: AROMASE; ATUNAS; Derma Angel; FECA; Gigo Toys; Hopax; Ible; Johnson; Oh-care; O’right; SAKURA; Tokuyo; SAEKO.

The display booth of the Information and Communication Technology group is always crowded because the technology enthusiasts come and stay very long to experience and explore all the most advanced products on the market with many new features. Pham Gia Bao, 20 years old, a visitor to the event said: "I entered the event as soon as I saw the cooling fan and case devices from the InWin brand. The design of the cases is very eye-catching that attracted me right from the first look. They also have many positions to connect with the cooling fan, which helps to play games and perform tasks more stable. The cooling fan has a very fast and smooth cooling speed, does not make noise that distracts you".

All comfort Living products possess unique designs and functions that meet the needs and tastes of consumers. Nguyen Vu Thu Hong, 23 years old, a visitor to the event shared: "It has been a long time since I participated in an event that created so much interest. Among the many interesting products that I have experienced, the product that impressed me the most is the granite shelf from the brand FECA. I often have the need to add items to the bathroom but because the room area is quite modest, the family lives with many people so I have to put convenience, not affecting other members first. FECA's product helps me do that. Because you don't need to nail but just stick it firmly, anyone can do it, and also arrange a lot of things to make the bathroom look much neater".

Among the visitors to the event, there were also many famous names with great influence such as: singer Suboi; Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 Doan Thien An; Technology review expert Vinh Vat Vo, Duy Luan... These celebrities did not hesitate to praise for quality products from Taiwan.

Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 Doan Thien An expressed her love for the products displayed at the event: "Before, I knew Taiwan Excellence as an award honoring quality products from Taiwan. Therefore, the two biggest values that consumers can trust when choosing products that have won this prestigious award are convenience and reputation that big brands bring. After visiting and experiencing directly, I was even more surprised by the creativity in each product. Typical examples the Information and Communication Technology product category has BenQ projectors helped me to relax and enjoy the cinematic experience at home and Acerpure water purifier that can turn any water source into clean water good for family health. With advanced solutions from Taiwan Excellence, consumers will easily update and catch up with trends to have a more comfortable and modern life".

Technology review expert Vinh Vat Vo also expressed his interest in technology products that won Taiwan Excellence awards: "This event brought me too many surprises. For the first time I knew Acer had a sub-brand Acerpure specializing in air purifier and water purifier solutions. It was also the first time I knew about the charging solution integrated with data backup after experiencing Qubii Duo, a product of Maktar. I still remember very well the feeling of excitement when seeing an Inwin case made entirely of wood and possessing the size of a router. Therefore, I am sure that the event will bring surprises and excitement to visitors. First of all, because of the creativity in each product on display. Next is diversity, from many models in the same product group expanding to different areas of life".

The success of  "Taiwan Excellence - Explore a stylish lifestyle " event is a step forward for the cooperation and trade promotion relationship between Taiwan and Vietnam to jointly improve the quality of life for Vietnamese consumers.

Mr. Stanley Chang, Director of Economic Division, Taipei economic and cultural office in Ho Chi Minh city shared that: “Taiwan Excellence showcases the most innovative and excellent products from Taiwan. The Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, Taiwan and TAITRA have organized this event today to foster networking and strengthen our relationship with the Vietnamese people, who are creative and diligent in many fields, such as technology, art, fashion, and daily living. The event will also help deepen the friendship between Taiwan and Vietnam, which has been close, steady and booming bilaterally over the years”.

In the near future, Taiwan Excellence will keep bringing the best products from Taiwan and hosting more valuable events to achieve the aim of enhancing the life quality of Vietnamese people. The latest information about Taiwan Excellence's new activities will be regularly updated on an official Fanpage: facebook.com/taiwanexcellence.vn/.



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