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Global Views: Asiatic Fiber Corporation’s Comprehensive Innovation Turns Textiles Smart!
Date published 2020-10-09

With the vision “BETTER CARE, BETTER LIFE”, Asiatic Fiber sought continuous improvement for nearly half a century, winning the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ 4th Mittelstand list, as well as the Innovation Award from the TTTA (Taiwan Technical Textile Association) in 2013, the 2019 D&B Top 100 Elite SME Award, and the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award with its iQmax® Wearable E-Massage Textiles. In the future, Asiatic Fiber Corporation will continue to develop new fibers for application in a whole diversity of fields, leading the world in recognizing the limitless possibilities of the textile industry.

Founded in 1973, Asiatic Fiber devoted itself to the development of smart textiles in 2015 in the form of its own brand – iQmax®. Initially focusing on production of fiber materials, it went from R&D of special fibers and high-performance fiber products, and expanded to cleanroom textiles, antistatic textiles, as well as markets for industrial protection and medical healthcare; essentially transforming Taiwan’s traditional textile industry into a global high-performance fiber technology industry. Asiatic Fiber Corporation is Asia’s leader in dust-free and anti-static products and exports its products to more than 60 countries all around the globe.

  • Close to Half A Century of Expertise  Five Aspects of Innovation

For the 47 years since its founding, Asiatic has constantly pursued comprehensive innovation in regards to its organization, processes, personnel, products and technology, continuously developing functional and smart textiles by implementing  ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality system certifications, in addition to excellent GMP medical device regulations. Chairman Chen Ming-Tsung emphasized that Asiatic’s technological advantage lies in its high-performance fibers, leading to the two core strengths – Conductivity and Shielding, preventing dust, viral or skin particles contamination, thereby keeping cleanrooms and operation rooms sterile, dust and static-free as well as ensuring industrial protection and providing medical care.

Asiatic Fiber’s products cover five major aspects – Fiber, cleanliness, safety, medical care and smart textiles. The firm continues to develop functional and smart textiles, with smart textiles being hailed as “the future of Taiwan” by Chairman Mr. Chen Ming-Tsung. Regarding the future, Asiatic will further develop fiber and electronic technologies, continuing to improve and innovate, inspiring diverse applications and leading the world in recognizing the limitless possibilities of the textile industry.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Asiatic’s January sales showed a clear decline. As Asiatic was the first company in the world to produce antiviral fiber, it used its technical advantage to produce COVID-19 prevention products, quickly responding to the pandemic crisis by producing a new generation of washable, MIT masks. Moreover, it changed its existing clean room clothing production lines to produce PPE and its surgical gowns lines into isolation gown lines. Having received countless orders, Asiatic plays an integral role in Taiwan’s combat against COVID-19,  contributing to pandemic prevention.

  • First Smart Product of the Industry  Winning the Taiwan Excellence Award

Asiatic has acquired over 32 patents both at home and abroad, not only producing Taiwan’s first dust-free cloth piece, but also possessing over 60% of the European market share when it comes to cleanroom products. In 2020, Asiatic won the 28th Taiwan excellence award with its iQmax® Wearable E-Massage Textiles. According to Sales Manager Li Hui-Wen, they won the award because of innovation in material, application and services. By using unique conductive fiber technology to integrate processing and mobile device systems and create the industry’s first full-scale micro-current massaging textile, Asiatic provides an improved solution to micro-current massaging and medical rehabilitation.

When asked the reason behind participating in the Taiwan Excellence Award, Ms. Li Hui-Wen said that the company team found it heartwarming when they saw the “TAIWAN EXCELLENCE” logo in Taiwanese Excellence exhibitions inside major international fairs (such as MEDICA); acknowledging the fact that there’s a group of people out there trying to promote Taiwanese brand on the global stage. “After further researched, we realized that the Taiwan Excellence Award emphasizes innovation focused on improving life and optimizing practicality. We felt that it was in-line with Asiatic’s vision and decided to compete so as to become part of the Taiwan Excellence team.”

  • Low-key Champions  Changes Brought on by Awards

Asiatic has always been a low-key champion in the countryside of Luzhu, Taoyuan. After being awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award, the sense of “group cohesiveness” among Asiatic’s employees was enhanced. Nowadays, whether its participating in internal or external events, its employees would proudly state “We’re from Asiatic Fiber and we’re winners of the Taiwan Excellence Award!”

The Taiwan Excellence Award also changed how Asiatic handles external matters, with the team going global along with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA for short) and the Taiwan Excellence Award. Li Hui-Wen explained that the Taiwan Excellence Award improves Asiatic’s brand image positioning, allowing them to make use Taiwan Excellence’s resources in experimenting with  different overseas promotion methods, such as online press conferences, online product launches and national pandemic effort exhibitions; revolutionizing the traditional sales logic of the textile industry.

Asiatic possesses the resilience and flexibility of small to middle-sized enterprise, and it adept at making use of available resources. After winning the Taiwan Excellence Award, Asiatic incorporates the Taiwan Excellence Award in its diverse marketing promotions, whether it’s sales channels, the internet, packaging, or promotional events. An example would be the exposure of the Taiwan Excellence logo used in APICTA and when Major of Taoyuan Cheng Wen-Tsan visited. For this reason, Asiatic is selected by TAITRA’s ““Measures for the Encouragement of Comprehensive Use of the Taiwan Excellence Symbol by Businesses” this year, allowing for additional marketing exposure both at home and abroad. Asiatic aims to achieve promotional results such as improvement of brand image, exposure enhancement and will achieve new heights with the help of Taiwan Excellence Award marketing resource overseas, as well as the expertise of the TAITRA team.

This exclusive is provided by the “Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project”, delegated to Global Views. For the full article in Chinese, please see: https://www.gvm.com.tw/article/74969

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