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Taiwan’s Smart Plastic & Rubber Machinery Shapes New PLASbility in Efficient Green Production
Date published 2020-09-17

As international crude oil prices fluctuate and environmental awareness rises, recycling rates of plastic waste have become the most important issue in the future of the plastics and rubber industry. Taiwan, as one of the top six plastics and rubber machinery exporting countries in the world, is recognized for providing high-quality products with refined technology and consistent performance.


“Taiwan Excellence Plastic & Rubber Machinery Online Press Conference 2020”, held on September 17, was organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), MOEA, Taiwan, R.O.C., and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), in conjunction with the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI). Representatives from four leading Taiwanese companies including Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS), ChumPower Machinery Corp., Fong Kee International Machinery Co., Ltd., and Diing Kuen Plastic Machinery, Co., Ltd., presented their advanced smart manufacturing solutions, from Two-Component Injection Molding Machines, High Speed Stretch Blow Molding Machines, Intelligent All-Electric Blow Molding Machines to a Five layer co-extrusion for industrial stretch-hood.


Mr. Walter Yeh, President & CEO of TAITRA stated in the opening that in response to the trend of Industry 4.0, Taiwan's plastics and rubber machinery industry is constantly upgrading and combines Taiwan's strong ICT & smart automation technologies, to build smart systems and solutions to fulfill the demand for cutting-edge technique development and customized production.

Mr. Guann-Jyh Lee, Deputy Director General, BOFT highlighted that the circular economy is the next trend in the industry due to the rise of global plastic restriction issues, so manufacturers must be able to quickly respond to new production regulations. Taiwan is also continuing to accelerate the creation of all-electric injection molding machines with good environmental performance, featuring low noise, low vibration, power saving, cooling water saving and running cost savings, to become the best partner of the global manufacturing industry with environmentally friendly smart machinery.


Mr. Neilson Su, Sales Manager, Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS) presented on the topic of "Intelligent Robotic Endoscope Surgery." He stated that in order to meet various customer needs nowadays, FCS dedicates itself to developing customized multi-component injection molding machines, which broaden the application scope of the industry, and he received positive feedback from customers.


Mr. Tony Wu, Sales Support Engineer, ChumPower Machinery Corp. focused on its "High speed stretch blow molding machine: L-Series." He demonstrated that the product is the fastest blow molding machine in the world, with its per cavity output of 2,250 bottles per hour being faster than its competitors’ 1,800-2,000 bottles per hour. Global brands including PEPSI, Kao, LOTTE, and more use Chumpower machines to produce PET bottles


Mr. Charles Wei, Fong Kee International Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced their "Intelligent All-Electric Three Layer Blow Molding Machine-Industry 4.0." He emphasized that the model is environmentally friendly. Specifically, it decreases average power consumption by 18%, Specific Energy Index by 22%, Noise Levels by 20db and CO2 emissions by 42.4% while increasing the production rate by 13.3%. Moreover, it is equipped with SCADA system, so for long term production, all data can be collected for further analysis to improve efficiency, cut costs, and enhance profitability. 

Mr. Eric Wei, Vice Chairman, Diing Kuen Plastic Machinery, Co., Ltd. showed off "Driving you to smart manufacturing: Five layers co-extrusion for industrial stretch-hood". He noted that with the application of IIoT, the product can provide remote service, detection, and automated online operation. Furthermore, clients can use the augmented reality instruction manual to eliminate the operating difficulties, which is very important during the COVID-19 pandemic, because of the need to avoid face-to-face interaction.

The event attracted over 532 viewers online from countries including Egypt Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam among others. TAITRA’s next event, “TaipeiPLAS Digital Week” will be held from Sept. 21-29, so please visit


 for more information.


To re-experience the press conference: https://reurl.cc/e83dWK

To review company and product information: https://reurl.cc/8n4Z0d

To fill out the post-event survey questionnaire: https://reurl.cc/D6Z29j


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