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User-friendly Operation Panel for PA System
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:ICP-5051
BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.
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To enhance the efficacy and convenience of public addressing, an intuitive and user-friendly operation panel is the important equipment for users. Regarding the design of the panel:
Square-shaped keys distribute on the panel in order, which is easy to operate and control.
Equipped with 70 keys for single-zone PA and 10 keys for group PA. Group keys can help users collect multiple zones that are frequently used for broadcasting the same messages. In other words, group key can be the hot key, saving time and convenient.
We reserve space at the bottom of each key to let users label. The name of the zone can be easily indicated, which avoid the inconvenience of manual memory and note-taking.
Each key is equipped with 3-color LED indicator (green/orange/red). Each color individually indicates the recent operation status (general PA, two-way intercom, emergency alarming and door access). It helps users react in time.
The panel is built-in with a monitor speaker. As any emergent occasion occurs, users can monitor and hinder the suspect at the first time.


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