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Intelligent Linear Drive Wire Cut EDM
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:RV853L
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RV853L - The intelligent linear motor driven wire cut EDM is designed with the moving column structure, remote monitoring functions, new i8 controller, AWT and many automation devices. RV853L has 32 patents for industries like aerospace, energy, large mold.
1. Intelligent RV machines builds the intelligent production line:
The new intelligent controller has machine diagnostics, and machine utilization analysis function to improve the users’ benefits and build the intelligent production line.
2. The user-friendly interface, the LED display of machining status
19-inch touch-sensitive control panel, the interface provides interactive dialogue windows.
3. The remote monitoring system and real-time control for machining information:
Users can use laptop to monitor real-time and reduce time cost of checking the machine.
4. Automatic wire threading system of AWT for unman operation day and night 【patent】
Our AWT completes the wire threading in 6 sec. with almost 100% successful rate.
5. One Touch automatic sliding door, intelligent water level control system【patent】
This system senses the water level to fill in and drain out and achieve the improvement of workpiece cooling and deslagging.
6. High performance linear motor drive【patent】
The in-house high performance linear motor has the features of high response, no vibration, no backlash, and maintenance-free.
7. Innovative i8 electronic control systems, high-speed, energy-saving and stabile
The new discharging circuit of i8 speeds up 20% on high thickness workpiece of 150mm above. Using FPGA with quick response, wire breaking suppression and IVC stable power supply has the best repeat accuracy.
8. Equipped with the inverter chiller, super energy saving
Temperature control within ± 0.3 ℃ and high the machining stability.
9. Clean water circulation system to extend the service life of consumables 【patent】
The filter life is enhanced 2 times compared to the previous system.


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