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MCR Racing Tire
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:MA-RACE
Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd.
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Focused on the features of drive handling, flexibility, and dry traction, MA-RACE is able to reduce racers' time at the corners, not only to break the record for the best lap time but also to increase the chance of earning a trophy.
Product characteristic:
1.The all-new design of racing tires delivers the requirements of racetracks.
2.Implementing the new rubber compound technology will increase dry traction by 30% on racetracks and highways.
3.The SSB provides better stability than the traditional design in either high-speed straight lines or corners.
4.Single-ply carcass design optimized the ground contact shape.
5.The pattern grooves are designed with a high land-to-sea ratio, which enhances traction and handling.
6.No pattern design in the center, increased stability at high speed, and longer wear life.
7.The tapered bridging design at the shoulder section increased the stiffness of the tread and riding stability and reduced the heat decay phenomenon.


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About Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd.

Established in 1967, Cheng Shin Rubber (Cheng Shin as abbre.), as an international corporate, owns 7 factories in Taiwan; subsidiaries locate in 4 provinces of China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India, and it builds up overseas branches and 5 global R&D centers. Cheng Shin focuses on tire making with honest and creative principle, and product lines cover all categories vehicle tire; over 180 countries are rooted by it.
Cheng Shin highly devotes intelligent manufacturing, R&D and product marketing; thus, automatic facilities and lights-out manufacturing are rolled out. In 2012, the self-constructed proving ground’s literally completion; it costs $170 million which is one of the biggest in Asia.
Prioritized quality and customer satisfaction as mindset, executing endless organization and technical improvement, expert cultivation and education, Cheng Shin's goal is to continue to provide qualified products with a service-oriented commitment.


MAXXIS, brand of Cheng Shin Rubber, founded in 1967, is introduced to U.S. market in 1992 and manufactures all categories tires. It employs 30,000 staffs and dedicates to make high performance tires, distributed in 180 countries. In decades, MAXXIS successfully takes part in event sponsorship. People could glimpse its signboard from international to national events, which brings reputation, loyalty and brand awareness. From 2017 to 2020, HP5 is ranked top in Australian and German magazines. In terms of UHP tire, VS5 is crowned by Taiwan’s media and top three in Australian magazine. In 2019. German ADAC awarded HP5 and VS5 recommendable summer tire title. MAXXIS becomes original equipped partner with top car makers, keeps pursuing higher selling volume, continues improving R&D and studies CVP. MAXXIS tires are sold to the global market, putting consumers' safety first and providing better products for customers with different needs.

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