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Total Body Cycle
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:TBCC
Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd.
award 3

Key improvements to the Total Body Cycle air bike was changing the drivetrain to a "one piece" design. By modularizing and integrating the components on a steel plate, frictional losses resulting from welding points between parts and the frame are reduced. This ensures efficient energy transfer and smooth operation even at high speeds to maintaining user safety.
The "multi-grip handlebars" can adapt to different user height and simultaneously stimulate rotational muscles and back muscles, significantly enhancing cross-training effectiveness to achieve wider exercise goals.
The "Seat Adjustment" design simplifies the process, enables faster, smoother equipment transitions in group training. This solves the problem that users often avoid changing seat height during training, but sit at wrong height, which can lead to exercise-related stress and injury. Additionally, non-toxic and recyclable materials for all its components, showcasing our commitment to green design and sustainability.


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