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BAW Air AC Hiking 1054-2 SKDII
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number: 1054-2 (咖/灰)
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The BAW Air AC Hiking 1054-2 SKDII combines advanced air cushion technology with the functionality of hiking shoes, offering an innovative hiking experience. It features automatic air pressure adjustment and a unique ventilation system that effectively expels moisture and odors, ensuring comfort and foot health for hikers. The advanced air cushion technology provides stable support and shock absorption, allowing hikers to walk comfortably on rugged terrains. The ventilation system prevents foot heat and bacterial growth, reducing foot fatigue and discomfort. From a marketing perspective, the BAW Air AC Hiking 1054-2 offers an innovative experience that combines comfort, stability, and functionality, catering to the needs of hiking enthusiasts. Additionally, its health protection features, including the ventilation system and moisture expulsion, set it apart from other hiking shoes by reducing the risk of foot infections and odors.


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Using nearly 30 years of experience in mold design and design, tailor-made for customers, has just obtained patents in more than ten countries such as the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany and Italy

Luo Zhifang, chairman of BAW Xinhexin Company, has a number of invention patents in China.
The research on shoes is even more spared. In 1993, functional air cushions such as the structure of circulating ventilation air cushions were developed.
Has obtained patents from more than ten countries in the world, and launched its own brand "BAW" - Best Air Walk,
Entered the market with automatic air-inflated and air-jet circulation air-cushioned casual shoes,
Due to the excellent comfort and functionality of BAW cycle air cushion shoes,
The market awareness continues to increase.


In 1976, Luo Zhifang founded Shengfeng Mold Factory, specializing in shoe molds and shoe material related products, and cooperated with major shoe factories and traders to develop and produce molds. From 1994 to 2003, he became the partner of the world's largest shoe-making group. Major well-known brands jointly develop and produce many unique and best-selling shoes. On the basis of excellent mold making and design capabilities, the company continues to research and develop the application of various related shoe materials. In 2004, it completed the research and development of special function air cushions such as circulating ventilation air cushion structure and intelligent active air cushion, and won the awards of the United States and Germany. , Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Italy, mainland China...and many other national patents.

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