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Perfect Ten
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:R167
Golden Smart Home Technology Corp.
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The development strategy of "Perfect Ten" aims to address the needs of Taiwan's elderly population and sub-healthy individuals by providing home muscle training equipment.

Features and innovative highlights of "Perfect Ten" are as follows:

1. "Perfect Ten" are intuitive, safe, and quiet. Provide a hydraulic resistance design, which prevents exercise injuries even if the user suddenly relaxes their strength.

2. "Perfect Ten" covers both upper and lower limb strength training, including upper limb muscle (biceps brachii, triceps brachii, etc) and lower limb muscle (quadriceps femoris, biceps femoris, etc), providing balanced whole-body training.

3. With the latest NB-IoT communication technology, biological data can upload even without Wi-Fi at home. Family members can track data. In addition, the platform offers comprehensive exercise management, tracking biological data, and pushing daily, weekly, and monthly reports through LINE, effectively monitoring users' health status.


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About Golden Smart Home Technology Corp.

Golden Smart Home Technology (GSH) founded in 2012 is located at Hsin-chu Science Park. GSH focuses on a health promotion platform called WowGoHealth, providing B2B solutions with 2 AI robots, 3 smart devices, 4 cloud modules. GSH considers itself as the professional ODM design house for the health promotion industry.
GSH's smart devices include smart medical devices, smart exercise machines, smart health kiosk, where these 3 products are seamlessly connected by AI365 (auto advice response robot) and AI Coach (personal training course suggestion robot). With the support of GSH's experts such as rehabilitation doctor, psychiatrists, sport science professor, our RINGOAL now can provide weight loss program, and muscle-gaining program. GSH's factory in Taiwan is fully certified by ISO13485:2016 and QMS for medical device manufacturing. In addition, GSH provides cloud-based medical device ODM services to its customers.


As a solution provider of the health promotion industry, Golden Smart Home Technology Corp would like to provide service that is personal and innovative. By using our product, the user could improve their health and life quality. This proposition has been achieved by the integration skills of software and hardware which gives a meaning for the AI system to be used in a valuable way.

GSH has been doing the integration of AI and IoT for over eight years. In the beginning, GSH was mainly focusing on a small medical product such as a blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, and forehead thermometer. And now, we want our guests not only can they keep track of their health data, but also knows how to improve them. Therefore, we have created our new brand “RINGOAL”, which provides a total solution of health improvement, and makes the regular workout more interesting and personalize by collecting user’s training performance and having an AI system to analyze the data.

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