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Ares Monitor Arm
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:GA-1220
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Designed with ergonomics, Ares Monitor Arm is a monitor arm with great functionality.

It takes only one finger to effortlessly adjust the display to the perfect viewing position, and it never sinks.

Backed by in-house “Static equilibrium” technology, the monitor arm supports the weight of displays of various screen sizes with user-friendly full range motion. Inspired by Mobile Armor from a popular Japanese animated TV series, the configuration features sleekness and sturdiness not only for supporting but for housing and managing connecting cables to present an overall organized neat look. More than 90% of the materials used in the product can be recycled and reused.


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Modernsolid is a Taiwanese company established in 1989. We design and manufacture ergonomic products for workspace, healthcare, industrial, education, and public spaces.
For over 30 years, Modernsolid has been providing a unique blend of excellent product design, manufacturing, and customer service. We have built our name by providing the finest products within our focused ergonomic furniture and medical equipment products. We have added extensively to our product line and implemented a quality-oriented manufacturing process.
To produce durable products, sustainability is the first element to consider. We try to reduce our impact on the environment during the production process. 95% of our products can be recycled and part of the products are made from recycling material.
A As leaders in Taiwanese innovation, we prioritize quality, professionalism, and innovation, offering customized solutions and flexible industrial manufacturing.


MODERNSOLID, “Modern” & “Solid” is our self-demanding on product quality. We aim to be an aesthetic, ergonomic, and quality brand, offering office furniture that creates a comfortable and enjoyable working environment.

Despite doubts about high-end Asian suppliers surviving in the market, we remained true to our beliefs. As a result, a major Japanese customer recognized our shared faith in product design and quality control, choosing to sell our products locally under our brand name.

We sold on Amazon US with our own brand, initially concerned about price as a barrier. Surprisingly, we overcame it, gaining positive feedback and recognition as a Taiwanese ergonomic brand.

We won 2022 Good Design Award Japan, Red Dot Award Best of Best 2023 Germany. Only Taiwanese company rewarded on stage. Our products approved by judges & customers for appearance & functionality. We prioritize brand value, create ergonomic products for comfort & health.

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