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77GHz Trailer single radar BSD (CHIMR)
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:VBD-1-R: A009-026NA1-165 / A009-026NA2-165 / A009-026NA3-165
award 3

1. RVers can always feel the warmth and safety as in homes thanks to the world's first blind spot detection system for trailers from CUB, which is
simple to install and requires no CAN signal in addition to a proprietary self-calculating vehicle speed capability.
2. The problem of camera-based system and ultrasonic radar being easily impacted by environmental climate changes is now resolved by in-house 77GHz millimeter wave radar solution, which has high accuracy, high resolution, great coverage and is not affected by inclement weather conditions.
3. 2-in-1 functions: BSD Blind Spot Detection & LCA Lane Change Assist
4. The CUB BSD system, with replaceable warning indication alternatives, works with the majority of motorhomes.
5. IATF 16949 certified and environment-friendly process and materials used.
6. Highly cost-effective
7. CUB products can be flexible in line with customer demands meeting market standards for both OE and AM sectors.


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CUB has established in 1989 , we are focusing on safety automobile electrical parts design and manufacture, including Switches、Sensors、Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). We are the pioneer of the safety automobile electrical parts in the worldwide aftermarket. We have a strong operating team, excellent innovation ability, price and quality advantage. We are keeping innovation and growth constantly. We are laying the foundation of credit for business. Awards gained include the "Rising Star" Award, the National Award of "Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises" and so on.
ADAS is now commercially available, and quite frequently found pre-installed by car manufactures. CUB is developing ADAS, particularly the Radar core technology for the ADAS Market.
CUB is expecting we can be the pioneer of ADAS based on the innovation continuously, guided by the market, sustainable business and fulfillment of social responsibility.


CUB think globally, act locally. CUB is focusing on safety automobile electrical parts design and manufacture. CUB is well-known in the industry and high marketing share in AM with Universal TPMS Solution. CUB input great research and develop the radar and ADAS for all car manufactures. Satisfy customers’ need and become the model of car electrical parts industry. 1.Positioning: Supply global, universal auto-parts and innovation, intelligent ADAS. We devote to improve automobile safety. 2.Advantage and value: *Abide by international regulations and emphasize on safety. *Excellent quality and sustainable development *Energy consciousness and conservation: 3. Vision: Pioneer of safety automobile-electrical parts 4. Operation strategy: *Build up global network to serve instantly, locally, and professionally. *Innovation with globally, high-quality and affordable products, create excellent brand in worldwide. *Corporate with Global car makers and distributors to expand market.