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Intraoral Suction Isolator
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:MGF-F47901
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EasyPrep intraoral suction isolator is a self-owned brand of dental instruments of CEREC Asia Co., Ltd. We are committed to Taiwanese brand concept, from brand spirit, R&D, clinical validation, production and marketing, 100% completed by Taiwan's companies.

The innovation of EasyPrep is that it can replace traditional and complicated preparation procedures. Through simple installation, EasyPrep can isolate the patient's tongue、cheek、soft tissue and provide suction at the same time. EasyPrep also helps to reduce droplets and aerosols, which give the effect of epidemic prevention.

We choose medical-grade silicone as the material rather than single-use disposable plastic products. silicone is non-hazardous and bioaccumulative, it can be reused after sterilization.

We operate official website、online ordering、exhibitions 、live events、YouTube、Line App, Meta (Facebook) advertising to increase the order conversion rate. Up to now, we have successively sold to dozens of countries.


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About CEREC Asia INC.

CADEC (CEREC Asia Dental Education Center) is an organization dedicated to developing top-notch digital dentistry, CADEC’s operations and services include continuing dental education, innovative dental device EasyPrep sales, and digital dental clinic transformation and marketing management consultants.

CADEC is not only the largest professional digital dental education institution in Taiwan but also the only certified education center in Asia by Dentsply Sirona and CEREC CAD/CAM system.

EasyPrep saliva suction isolator, the first product developed by CADEC, has been successfully exported to China, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. The service of digital transformation and marketing management for dental clinics has already helped both domestic and foreign dental clinics to bring innovative digital dentistry and marketing management into their operation and management of clinics.


Intraoral isolation has always been a very important part of dental treatment. With the development of surgical instruments and surgical procedures, more and more tools and therapeutic objects need to be operated in the mouth at the same time, which also makes the originally limited space and manpower more difficult. It also increases the complexity of treatment and reduces efficiency. EasyPrep is an intraoral isolator that can provide convenient dental treatment. It can replace the traditional and complicated preparation procedures. Through simple installation, the patient's tongue, cheeks and other soft tissues are isolated during dental treatment. Thus, improving the efficiency and safety of diagnosis are the two major features of EasyPrep.

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