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Luxury Airtight Slide Window
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:PL192-WAT Premium
Cheng Hsin Aluminum Co., Ltd.
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PL192-WAT Premium is a top product designed and developed according to the improvement of consumers' demand for building materials in recent years. This product has excellent weather resistance, sturdiness and changeability. At the same time, in order to improve the convenience of consumers, it is equipped with a detachable screen window developed in cooperation with Japanese technology. Without the existence of the screen mesh, even in the process of disassembly and assembly by consumers, the risk of the screen window falling can be avoided, and the safety of the product can be greatly improved.
PL192-WAT Premium provides personalized color customization, allowing consumers to choose different colors and patterns for the large hooks in the doors and windows according to their own preferences.


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About Cheng Hsin Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Ever since 1969, CHA has been an outstanding aluminum window/door manufacturer. Not only does CHA produce durable products, but we also provide appropriate and customized service for clients. Today, CHA occupies a niche market and has earned a good reputation in the aluminum extrusion industry. To achieve the highest value for our customers, CHA will keep on striving for perfection.


In 2006, CHA imported German technology and hence invented BALUK. This product has outstanding insulating capability and keeps indoor comfortable, hence reducing dependence on air conditioning achieving the goal of conserving energy. In 2009, CHA worked with Japan’s No. 1 construction company, TOSTEM. Through this collaboration, CHA established better techniques and higher standards. Meanwhile respecting the needs of Taiwan’s unique climate; CHA developed Japanese-engineered products that tailor to the needs of the people in the country- DAIWAKI. All of CHA’s product brands include BALUK and DAIWAKI. Through unique products, CHA has allowed buyers to choose the windows they prefer. Such diversity and technology could be praised as the best in the field. In 2011, CHA earned the Taoyuan Evergreen Enterprise Award; while the DAIWAKI and the other products won the Taiwan Excellent Award for nine years in a row, from 2012~2020, earning the product trust, and recognition.