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Dual Mechanism Smart Chuck
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:AD-148RC
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"Universal" is one of the design features of the "AD-148RC Dual Mechanism Intelligent Chuck". AD-148RC is currently the only clamp in the world that can integrate the world's three major machine tool factories (Switzerland EROWA Factory, Sweden 3R Factory, Germany HIRSCHMANN Factory).

The unique coupling mechanism of AD-148RC can automatically adjusts the rods of various sizes to eliminate positioning errors. The collet has the function of connecting the cooling system, and is especially suitable for the special collet for the high-temperature 3D metal forming machine in the aerospace industries.

For the marketing of AD-148RC, the company showed its awards in recent years in domestic and international marketing. Facing the era of internet marketing, the company has begun to seek professional e-commerce platforms in the field of machining in various countries for marketing, rebuild the official website, and consolidate and establish the brand image.


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At the early stage, Chen Jin Technology Co., Ltd. was focused on 3C mold manufacturing, by using EDM fixtures of high accuracy from Switzerland, Sweden and Germany over 25 years.
We have gained many experiences and knowledge of it, but it still could not satisfy our needs in mold manufacturing. To find a solution, our R&D group has been working through numerous tests and modifications. Finally, we have made a great breakthrough with over 20 patents worldwide.
With the trend and advanced technology, based on our management philosophy, we will pursue continuous researches and improvements on high quality and high efficiency and high value for our customers. We look forward to making another breakthrough in this industry.


CHERNG JIN Technology company's main product is “professional manufacturing of high-precision fixtures for machine tools and integration of machine tool processing automation projects”. The origin of CHERNG JIN brand name is as follows: CHERNG: The Chinese Word of CHERNG(晟), with its upper side’s (日) meaning is Day, with its lower side (成) meaning is Successful. The combination of those two leads to the meaning of “Day-by-Day Successful” JIN: The Chinese Word of JIN(進), with its meaning is Improve. Then, the combination of CHERNG and JIN, will lead to the meaning of “Improvement and Successful Day-Day”. Brand logo is based on the shape of the company's product. Outer circle represents the company's ability to create new opportunities in the development of the processing industry. Insided in the logo are the three-claw mechanism. Blank space in the middle looks like a bird spreading its wings, which also symbolizes the company's ambition to enter the international market.

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