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Auto lift up/down medical curtain module
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:5630000-000005
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The Auto lift up/down medical curtain module (Mediguard) provides quick-change for hospital cubicle curtains.

According to a series of information, hospital cubicle curtains get changed and replaced once every six months due to the consumption of time and effort. Mediguard is designed for bettering the efficiency of health workers, reducing cross-infection of distinct germs and viruses. Such as Streptococcus aureus, Covid-19…etc.

Moreover, using the lifting module, as the cubicle curtain matches with the electric lifting system, saves the energy of carrying ladders around and should help avoid the risk of climbing and falling for the medical workers.

The Auto lift up/down medical curtain module consists: wireless remote control module, elevator motor module, warm-toned light source module, which projects comfortable-toned ambient light. Disinfection spray module, and sprays zinc ion mist to clean up the environment of our surroundings.


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COTTAI LTD. was founded in 2009. We are mainly supplying various components for different blinds system. We pursue local manufacturing for our products, and we export to overseas assembly factories and suppliers on five continents, including Asia, Europe, Africa,Oceania and the Americas. There are more than 40 countries in the market to which we have already supplied our product. Over 98 % of the components are made in Taiwan; the remaining 2% of certain material can only be produced from other countries due to the factory relocation or industry shift.
Therefore, we try our best to retain the high-level Taiwanese manufacturing process and use high-quality products as the market segmentation. With the business philosophy of “knowledge and customer service”, we have an excellent management team, and pursue sustainable business and growth. In addition to the stable overall business operation, company profitability has also increased year by year.


Non-stop improvement is the spirit of COTTAI. We grow from the regular production and sales to offering the development service. Business model extends from the traditional one to the digital platform management. Just to provide the best quality products and the perfect service! Listening attentively is our belief. In the curtain industry, we not only focus on solving the difficulties encountered by users and international issues (such as suffocation caused by curtain ropes, avoiding cases of COVID-19 virus spreading through curtains), but also keep committing to social responsibility (such as distributing materials to remote areas, donating masks and protective resources to the epidemic area). We consider the needs of people, and listen attentively to narrow the gap between people. We look forward to letting people live a better life through the enterprise, and we look forward to growing up with you!

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