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Qflux Dialyzer
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:High Flux/ Low Flux
BenQ Dialysis Technology Corp.
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The information related to this product could not be shown due to medical law, please contact the company directly for more information.


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About BenQ Dialysis Technology Corp.

Established from 2014, BenQ Dialysis Technology Corp. dedicated in providing innovative products and services. Under resources supporting by BenQ group, we are committed to providing end stage renal disease patients total solution for better therapeutic experience and life quality.
BenQ group have complete medical industrial arrangement from R&D, manufacturing, distribution channel to clinical use. By strategic alliance in technological development with European company and over 40 years manufacturing experience, we supply excellent products which is manufactured by highly automation and is gone through 196 process from design to product inspection.
In Taiwan, rely on importing foreign dialyzer, however, from 2018, BenQ Dialysis Technology Corp.has begun offering dialyzers made in Taiwan which emphasize safety, quality first outperforming foreign brand to hospitals and dialysis centers around the world, and proud to be the first Taiwan brand of dialysis solution.


BenQ – a world-leading human technology and solutions provider driven by the corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life” to elevate and enrich the aspects of life that matter most to people today – lifestyle, business, healthcare and education. Set apart by the unique philosophy of “Because it matters”, BenQ is committed to empower people today to live better, increase efficiency, feel healthier and enhance learning through people-driven, innovation-fueled products, services and solutions. Because it matters, BenQ Dialysis Technology Corp. will continue to utilize substantial resources and proven expertise in product design, manufacturing with the hope to delight the world, offering a broad range of products, including dialyzers, dialysate, bicarbonate concentrates powder and even hemodialysis machine. Because it matters, BenQ Dialysis Technology Corp.is devoted to provide one-stop products and services for healthcare professionals.

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