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Fast charge lithium battery pack for electric scooter
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:CPC-001
Chinese Petroleum Corporation
award 2

CPC’s Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute cooperates with different Taiwanese companies in the battery industry to apply soft carbon into battery cells and modules. The CPC-001 MIT fast-charging battery pack has the following excellent features:

(1) Fast charging: 20 minutes of CC mode fast charging (nearly 80% SOC) creates an alternative to home charging. The fast charging feature enables the customer to recharge the vehicle while having a cup of coffee in the CPC gas stations.

(2) Long cycle life: The characteristic of CPC’s soft carbon material extend the battery with a longer cycle life, which can effectively reduce usage cost per cycle.

(3) Great heat dissipation design: the CPC-001 is customized for Taiwan‘s environment. The low internal resistance design can effectively reduce the temperature rise during fast charging.

(4) Flexibilities: the CPC-001 can be used in a single unit or double units to fulfill consumer riding distance needs.


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About Chinese Petroleum Corporation

CPC Corporation, founded in 1946, is state-owned petroleum, natural gas, and gasoline company in Taiwan and is the core of the Taiwanese petrochemicals industry. It has built a full supply chain from extracting, and refining to marketing gasoline and natural gas.
Refining and Manufacturing Research Institute(RMRI) was founded by CPC in 1979. To lay the foundation for the company’s operation and strategy, RMRI’s main missions include the introduction, evaluation, and innovation of petroleum refining technologies. R&D is the foundation of our company’s core element. Following changes in time and environment, our company will grow and prosper continually.


CPC is Taiwan’s state-owned oil and gas company. As an enterprise in state ownership, it is responsible not only for returning profit to the government but also for supplying sufficient energy to the domestic market. CPC’s business areas include oil & gas exploration and production, refining, petrochemicals, lubricants, solvents and chemicals; it is also Taiwan’s sole importer and supplier of natural gas. CPC is committed to sustainability in corporate operations, as evidenced by its membership of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) since 2006. We at CPC are further committed to corporate social responsibility, to upgrading our public image and reputation and balancing our responsibilities to the three pillars of the nation – its economy, its environment and its people.

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