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31.3-inch 2-in-1 R2500 Curved Automotive Display
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:C313MAR01
AUO Corporation
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AUO 31.3 inch panel for 12.3 inch dashboard and 12.3 inch center console integrated into one, its surface R2500mm fully fit design and surface low-reflection design, so that driving can get the best visual surround and viewing quality, avoid outside interference, more focused on access to vehicle information content, improve driving safety. In the direction of electromagnetic radiation, but also through the most stringent on-board CISPR25 EMI class5 specification, in the current market situation is unique and technology-leading. The center console side display also has internal touch, which is also more intuitive and responsive in operation.


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About AUO Corporation

AUO is a technology-driven company delivering products and solution services that has been advancing innovation for 27 years. By consolidating group synergy, AUO operation covers five major business areas including display, system solution, industrial intelligence, healthcare, and energy.

AUO specializes in RD and manufacturing of display, and develops high-value products in differentiated applications. Leading the industry with abundant innovative technologies, AUO is committed to providing diverse vertical solutions through integrating core display technologies with AIoT. By integrating soft/hardware, cloud, and service platforms, AUO provides one-stop services that fulfill the diverse demands of vertical markets including retail, education, enterprise, medical, healthcare, mobility, manufacturing, and energy. Through cooperation, complementation, and co-creation, AUO leads the AIoT ecosystem with strategic partners, achieving the vision of realizing an innovative living future.


Tap Into The Possibilities AUO actively seek market chances with partners in various industries, grasping trends and business opportunities, devoting to discover the possibilities. “One AUO” strategy consolidates group synergy, continuously develops the five major business areas: display technology, system solutions, smart manufacturing, medical care, and green energy; focusing resources to expand global markets, embracing a future of infinite possibilities through group power. AUO Values: Forming and building AUO culture is a gradual process, AUO uncompromising core values: Passion & Professionalism, Execution & Excellence, Caring for Society, and core DNA of Integrity, Accountability and Innovation. Integrity as core value to overcome various competitions and challenges; with enthusiasm and pursuit of excellence, AUO breakthroughs and innovates continuously, and constantly develops environmental sustainability in green manufacturing, reducing total carbon emissions year by year.

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