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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:Fortriss Examine
award 3

Our product features highly mobile and lightweight isolation screens with a patented wheel assembly structure to absorb vibrations during movement. It's modular for quick assembly and folding, ideal for rapid deployment in emergencies, offering a convenient alternative to bulky quarantine booths.

To prevent cross-contamination, the product has a magnetic quick-change glove design for healthcare workers. It also includes a barrier structure to prevent oral droplet dispersion, ensuring a safe, zero-contact sampling process.

For superior infection control, we conducted tests to select antimicrobial materials and incorporated silver ion spraying technology and UVC germicidal lamps. Third-party certifications like SGS and Taiwan-US inspection verify its antibacterial and sterilization capabilities.

In collaboration with the ITRI research team, we developed an intelligent recognition and light source tracking system to prevent sample collection errors. This system enables touchless sampling in healthcare settings, ensuring a safer and more accurate testing process.


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Machan International Industrial Co., Ltd., based in Taiwan, excels in optimizing space utilization and offers comprehensive manufacturing solutions for sheet metal products. Their services encompass laser cutting, stamping, welding, powder coating, packaging, steel ball slides, industrial wheels, and more. Machan stands out by seamlessly integrating industrial design, materials, electronic components, IoT software programming, and e-commerce development. This approach sets them apart in the market, delivering exceptional products to clients.
Their product range includes toolboxes, nursing carts, tablet computer charging carts, retrieval cabinets, various metal cabinets, and mobile carts. With extensive OEM manufacturing experience for global brands, Machan exports to over 70 countries and serves 300+ customers worldwide. Notably, their professional toolboxes dominate the global market, especially in automotive repair, hand tools, and medical sectors, with key clients including top US retailers.


BAILIDA, originally an OEM hospital equipment manufacturer, established its own brand in 2007 and expanded globally to 60+ countries. Holding ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications, our goal is to become a significant international player in hospital equipment, focusing on improving healthcare quality.
Our journey began with medical carts, addressing healthcare professionals' chal-lenges in patient care by providing space-efficient storage and mobility. We in-troduced the EX series, versatile carts for different medical specialties, and the ME/MW series, integrating IT for mobile computer carts.
Close collaboration with healthcare institutions helped us understand frontline providers' needs, leading to user-centric product designs and recognition from prestigious awards like iF and IDEA.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed the impact of healthcare resource shortages. Responding to the crisis, we developed the Fortriss series to enhance infection control and safety for healthcare workers.
BAILIDA remains committed to creating products that prioritize user well-being and aims to bring happiness to those dedicated to caring for others.