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Ultra-thin Direct Drive Motor
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:DMT系列
award 1

ROMI, short for Ring of Metrology and Inspection, an ultra-thin direct drive motor developed by HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM, can be applicable to semiconductor/LED manufacturing process, PCB inspection and various AOI applications. In response to market trends, such as high output rate, high plant area utilization rate, high equipment life cycle and low maintenance time, the following functions have been developed:
1. Lightweight (width 2.2cm): This lowers the center of gravity of equipment to facilitate the stability of operation and to increase the production rate.
2. Large hollow (Ø24cm): This allows various objects to shuttle freely in the center to realize simplified installation and to reduce the size of equipment.
3. Durable: Directly driven by the motor can avoid mechanical abrasion and greatly increase the service life of equipment.
4. Clean: Without extra mechanical structure, it can avoid wear and dust, reduce dust and pollution, and make users easily perform care and maintenance.


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HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM Corp. has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of components, systems and equipment for linear motion and positioning control.

With a complete product line, we provide different types of torque motors, linear motors, direct drive motors, spindle motors, servo motors, drive, controller, position measurement systems, linear actuators and nano-positioning stages. Our product applications span various precision industries, such as semiconductor, automation, machine tool, biotech, and construction.

Headquartered in Taiwan, HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM Corp. has established subsidiary in Israel and sales offices in Germany, Japan, Italy, etc.

HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM Corp. was certificated ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and was awarded several national awards.

Our philosophy of management is to integrate global resources for continuous innovation and to provide high value-added products to customer through the practice of innovation, quality and service.


HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM is the driving force for the "direct drive precision technology". Since its founding in 1997, it has constantly accumulated experiences and become the first "advanced direct drive technology" leading brand of Taiwan. HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM has constantly improved its independent R&D technology and capability. With the headquarters in Taiwan as the center, we have set up R&D centers both at home and abroad, with more than 150 researchers engaging in the R&D of new products and "key processes". We have accumulated many years of excellent energy, had more than 601 patents, met the requirements of precision technology, played the role of the “precision positioning technology that enables one to see an ant in Manhattan, New York from the outer space”, and been committed to becoming the best partner to assist global precision equipment customers to achieve success.