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MiAIOT AI Decision Platform
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:MiAIOT AI Decision Platform
MiTAC Information Technology Corp.
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The main research strategy for MiAIOT is to establish Taiwan’s AIoT products export ability in the international market. The value proposition of MiAIOT is to integrate cutting-edge AIoT technologies into developing various applications. Effectively, directly “AI-transformation” of various legacy systems to new advanced systems equipping with the capability in prediction, advance warning, and tacit knowledge mining, as such to provide decision making assistance in various application scenarios. The innovative features include:

1. Supporting international IoT open data standards (OGC Sensorthings API)

2. Utilizing No-Code/Low-Code software architecture design

3. Providing Lego-like building blocks of AI modules which can be concatenated to form more complex functions.

4. Containing more than 200 built-in open datasets from the Taipei City government’s “Governement Open Data” platform (DATA.GOV.TW)

5. Built-in energy saving and green/low carbon energy application integration components


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About MiTAC Information Technology Corp.

MiTAC Information Technology Corp. was established in October 2010, has inherited rich experiences in system integration and core technology from MiTAC Inc, and successfully transformed from a solution supplier focusing on system integration of hardware into a solution supplier on IoT (Internet of Things) for cloud system of system integration. From then on, we have accumulated technological capabilities in IoT and applications in various fields, integrated resources and produced synergies, in order to achieve the goal of commercialization and internationalization and become a promoter for innovative IoT plus to create new value in IoT.


MiTAC Information Technology Corporation was founded in 2010, inheriting from MiTAC Inc., the first computer company to introduce microcomputer system in Taiwan. By providing total solutions and one-stop service to meet customers’ needs, MiTAC has contributed to Taiwan’s high-tech industrial foundation and development. Our mission is to incorporate advanced technology and business domain knowledge, providing customers with comprehensive, dynamic solutions to improve productivity and working efficiency, to better compete in the marketplace. MiTAC is the key leader of Smart City applications in Taiwan, and has developed successful business models in smart transportation, smart education, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart enterprise, smart banking, e-government. In the future, MiTAC will integrate Smart City service applications more deeply and widely to other areas, and make Taiwan a global supply center of Smarty City industry.