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Comprehensive 5X Smart Automation
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:AXILE G6 Smart Automation
Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
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The AXILE G6 Smart Automation is integrated with the award-winning ART System to adapt to the Smart Factory production line which can enhance the productivity up to 30% -200%. This is the product which not only meet the requirement of automated markets to provide the total solution for the smart manufacturing but also can strength the business competitiveness and revenue. It is the best applied to the aerospace, high-end die & mold, and medical industries.

The product is designed for today’s production challenges at different level which is developed with some different concepts based on the same machine structure and the configuration of its various automated production demands can be extended.

The product combines with the ART system provides intelligent automation solutions. The functions of predictive maintenance, connection with ERP for automatic parts re-stocking, and energy management to optimizing the utilization rate can achieve 24/7 operation without unexpected downtime.


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About Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.

AXILE designs and builds agile smart 5-axis VMCs with leading automation solutions for manufacturers of complex parts and components. AXILE believes customers shouldn’t have to choose between high-speed and high-performance 5-axis machines. By combining sheer agility, digitalized intelligent automation, and a new standard of 5-axis machining, AXILE created an all-new approach: Agile Smart Machining.
AXILE’s dedicated team of industry experts brings together ultra-high removal rates, pinpoint precision, and 24/7 production reliability within each and every AXILE 5-axis machine. The breakthrough design concepts and advanced proprietary technologies serve highly sophisticated manufacturers of complex parts and components for applications in aerospace, die and mold, medical, and semiconductor, among others.
The AXILE service and support network spans nearly 50 countries, with more than 80 distributors across Asia, Europe, and the Amercias. We have service centers in Europe and USA.


Agile Smart Machining is a promise from AXILE to manufacturers to make industry 4.0 a reality. We developed this all-new approach to bring manufacturers significantly shorter processing times, flexible and optimized production, zero unscheduled downtime, and most importantly a way to operate without wasting resources.
We are introducing the future of full 5-axis machining, made available today. Finding that perfect balance of speed and precision allows manufacturers to respond effectively to new opportunities and demands in the market. For manufacturers seeking agile machining solutions, AXILE delivers ultra-high removal rates and pinpoint precision for complex parts and components of a variety of sizes and materials.
Digitalized Intelligent Automation is AXILE’s brand of smart manufacturing, combining advanced machining technologies, reliable automation solutions, and insight from data to ensure optimal operations without much human intervention.