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Recycle To Recycle Series
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:R2R完全可回收背心 / R2R靠枕手提小蓋毯
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Taiwan is a strong textile manufacturing country, yet creates tons of waste fabric from yearly manufacturing, which has a great impact on the environment. To promote sustainable waste management, DA.AI not only develops recycled textile raw materials but also turns recycled Re-PET fabric back into new eco products.

We registered the trademark and patented this technology Recycle to Recycle (R2R). The product series includes the R2R Fleece Vest, every part of which comes from revived waste blankets or discarded textile leftovers, which are 100% recycled, from the fabric to the zipper slider. This second time recycle technology has been recognized with international awards, showing the result of turning waste into gold. The R2R Blanket and Pillow with the classic R2R logo design, when expanded into a blanket, can easily fold down into a travel case that can be conveniently carried. It can also be used as a pillow, seat cushion, or for lower back and lumbar support.


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“Turn resources into gold, gold into love, love into a purifying force, and surround the globe with it.” DA.AI Technology, who desires to become the paragon of the industry, is creating a global environmentally-friendly brand. Through our brand, products, and marketing, we are spreading Master Cheng Yen’s philosophy of coexisting with the Earth. Through the love and commitment demonstrated by our environmental protection promotion, and DA.AI’s consistent contributions back to the society, we will take the environmental movement to new heights.
We are looking forward to the green trend in the 21st century and working with anyone interested in following Master Cheng Yen’s guidance to “use the clapping hands to do environmental protection work”. We are actively involved in protecting the environment. By working together in a committed fashion, we can, and will, reach new heights in the protection of our planet and the betterment of humanity.


DA.AI was founded in December 2008. It is Taiwan’s first non-profit company dedicated to producing eco-friendly products and one of the world’s first non-profit companies which donates 100% of its net proceeds to charity. DA.AI adheres to Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s concept of “Coexist with the Earth” by using recycled PET bottles as raw material to manufacture recycled eco-products, activating a new life cycle for the PET bottles and reducing the consumption of natural resources. DA.AI has developed recycled textile raw materials, such as recycled poly chips, recycled polyester fibers and recycled fabrics. DA.AI’s production process has received a “Global Recycling Standard” (“GRS”) certification from the Netherland’s Peterson Control Union. The eco-friendly fleece blanket made with 100% recycled polyester has also received the Carbon Footprint Certifications from both Germany’s TUV Rheinland and the EPA.