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Taiwan’s Technology Trendsetters Present Innovations at IFA
Date published 2017-09-11

Leading Taiwanese ICT companies are presenting their technological innovations in collaboration with TAITRA at IFA 2017 in Berlin. Products displayed were honored with the  prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award, which acknowledges their outstanding accomplishments in the fields of Research & Development, Design, Quality and Marketing. 
The First Home-Robot for Everyone
The future of robots starts now. Robotelf will exhibit the first family-oriented, smart robot, capable of providing children and the elderly easy access to technology. Named Robelf, the robot recognizes the household members and moves freely between rooms. Likewise, it recognizes intruders and notifies the owner. When no one is home, Robelf patrols the home and can be controlled remotely from anywhere. It can also serve as a tutor and a recipe aide in the kitchen.
MSI Sets Benchmarks for Gaming Laptops
In 2017, the gaming industry had a turnover of more than $115 billion and continues to grow. The largest laptop producer for professional gamers in the world, MSI introduces its latest fireball at IFA. It comes equipped with the newest chips from Nvidia and Intel, and is has the fastest display ever (120 Hz, 3ms, 4K-Ultra-HD). It allows you to control the ultimate gaming machine with yet another novel addition: the patented, mechanical RGB keyboard which was developed together with SteelSeries for a distinct, tactile response.
Security for Every German’s Best Friend
A dream comes true for dog and cat owners specialist Acer presents its market-ready pet collar which allows you to locate your four-legged friend in real-time on your smartphone. Moreover, it measures your pet’s temperature, and monitors its activity, providing animal-lovers with a continuous update on their pet’s health status.
For car lovers, Acer has another innovation in store. As drivers have a limited view of the entire traffic environment, Acer has developed a 360-degree-camera for the dashboard. Paired with a smartphone, all viewing angles and information are displayed and saved in the cloud and are accessible at any time. Also, owners can observe their car’s environment in real-time, for when have to park it in a possibly unsafe area.
Analyzing Through the VIVOTEK Lens
VIVOTEK is revolutionizing the retail sector with its leading IP-camera technology. The new stereo counting camera, equipped with innovative 3D-depth-technology is able to track people in real-time and provide results with amazing and superior accuracy. This highly intelligent software recognizes and analyzes flow-paths in all kinds of retail environments, providing indispensable data for optimizing store layouts, promotional evaluation, and staff planning.
Visitors can find the Taiwan Excellence Booth 202 in Hall 25 on the IFA exhibition grounds.
Information about the Participating Companies and Organizations:
Robots of the Future
Since 2015, the team at Robotelf Technologies Co. Ltd., has been working on perfecting its first product - the Robelf! The first home robot outshines all  products in the category, and will be dispatched to families all over the world to help make it easier for children and the elderly who are unversed in technology.
More information available at: www.robelf.com
MSI – the Gamers’ Partner
A global leader in the gaming field, MSI is the brand trusted by most gamers. MSI is allied with e-sports representatives and they have jointly developed products that meet the sophisticated requirements of individual gamers. With their continuous exchange of information, true development and optimization are accelerated, translating into increasing performance levels and adapting to new needs.
More information available at: www.msi.com
Acer – Taiwan’s Export Hit
Established in 1976, Acer is today one of the world’s largest ICT companies with subsidiaries in over 160 countries. From service-oriented technologies and the Internet of Things, to gaming and virtual reality, more than 7,000 employees are dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of products and solutions. Acer’s mission: to build bridges between people and technology.
More information available at: www.acer.com
Observe Better
VIVOTEK has become one of the leading brands in the global IP security surveillance industry. The company’s product solutions encompass network cameras, video servers, network video recorders, PoE solutions, and video management software. Having created a solid, industrial ecosystem, VIVOTEK has entered into strategic partnerships with leading international software and hardware manufacturers, and works with more than 183 authorized suppliers in 116 countries.
More information available at: www.vivotek.com
Information about Taiwan Excellence, Bureau of Foreign Trade/MOEA, and TAITRA:

The Taiwan Excellence Award was jointly created by BOFT and TAITRA in 1992, with the aim of cultivating Taiwanese companies. Today, the Award of Taiwan Excellence is the highest accolade for Taiwanese Products. The symbol of Taiwan Excellence embodies Taiwan’s rise to the global ranks of quality manufacturers in terms of innovation, design and manufacturing, and represents the gold standard for Taiwanese products to compete on the global stage.
Organized by:

The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), within the Taiwanese Ministry of Economics, is responsible for the implementation of policies and regulations for foreign trade, economic cooperation, as well as foreign investment. Established in January 1969, the role and position of BOFT has evolved to meet the requirements of the changing global economic and trade environment. On a national and international scale, BOFT has cooperated with TAITRA on various economic development projects and activities. After years of close collaboration, BOFT has entrusted TAITRA with various crucial government projects regarding trade and / or investments to promote Taiwan internationally in every aspect.
Implemented by:

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) was founded in 1970 and is a non-profit- or quasi-governmental trade promotion organization dedicated to Taiwan’s foreign commerce. TAITRA is sponsored by the government, industrial associations and various commercial organizations. The goal is to support Taiwanese corporations in strengthening their international competitiveness and helping them overcome challenges in foreign markets. From its headquarters in Taipei, TAITRA has a well-coordinated economic promotion and an information network at hand, which connects over 800 international marketing specialists in 60 locations worldwide. Together with the sister organizations the Taiwan Trade Center (TTC) and the Taipei World Trade Center, TAITRA generates a large number of trade opportunities by using effective development strategies.


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