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Taiwan Excellence Water Treatment -Toward Water 4.0 Webinar 2021

Event schedule:2021-11-10 ~ 2021-11-10

Venue:Taiwan Excellence YouTube channel |Taiwan Excellence YouTube channel

Event overview

Water treatment solutions are now the trend. Taiwan's water treatment industry introduces smart technologies to develop more integrated, expandable, and customized products. In order familiarize global buyers with Taiwan's water 4.0 technologies, Taiwan Excellence showcases the pride of made-in-Taiwan (MIT) products with a one-stop-shop solution for the water treatment industry through “Taiwan Excellence Water Treatment -Toward Water 4.0 Webinar 2021”. At this webinar, top Taiwanese brands-  EMS, Chemmit, Ever-Clear, HCP and Walrus will demonstrate their latest products and solutions to share the trend of water 4.0. 
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Ms. Anna Hsieh : anna314@taitra.org.tw

Mr. Koupin Chung : kokuhei@taitra.org.tw