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Taiwan's Cycling Brands Online Product Launch

Event schedule:2021-03-25 ~ 2021-03-25

Venue:Taiwan Excellence Youtube Channel |Taiwan Excellence Youtube Channel

Event overview

Taiwan, known as the "Kingdom of Bicycles," has been developing related industries for many years. There are also many well-known companies in Taiwan. Whether it is bicycles, parts or even electric bicycles, they have a certain influence in the global industry. The bicycle industry has always been the pride of Taiwan.

Taiwan Excellence Cycling Brands Online Product Launch will feature presentations from industry experts and influential companies to bring you the latest and best product choices online.

* Session in Europe : Thursday, March 25, at 10 am CET ( 9 am GMT)

* Session in North America : Thursday, March 25, at 10 am PST ( 1.00 pm EST)


Eva Chuang    evachuang@taitra.org.tw

Lisa Ho    hsinyiho@taitra.org.tw