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Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo)

Event schedule:2017-10-31 ~ 2017-11-02

Venue:Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas |Sands Expo Center

Event overview

Taiwan Excellence Pavilion will showcase Taiwan’s leading auto parts brands latest automobile technology at AAPEX 2017. Visitors to the pavilion will have the opportunity to garner a firsthand look at the diversity and innovation of Taiwan’s auto parts and auto electronics industry. Featured products among Taiwan Excellence winners include: smart HUD, TPMS, automobile surveillance solutions, dash cameras, head lamps, tires and mini digital torque wrenches. With the increasing importance of telematics and vehicle safety issues, Taiwan is leveraging its outstanding ICT technology and ready to provide superior quality solutions for global buyers. The latest products in ADAS and Intelligent IVI System will be highlighted at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion.

Visit us at booth #8033 for more ideas that combine automobile and ICT technology.

The symbol of Taiwan Excellence was established by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1992, and the Taiwan Excellence Selection was launched the following year. The selection is based on the distinct criteria of R&D, quality, design, and marketing. Products awarded the prestigious Taiwan Excellence symbol, were selected for their cutting-edge innovation, and represent Taiwan on the international stage, serving to strengthen consumer confidence, and continue building a favorable impression for Taiwanese products worldwide. This year marks the 25th selection, making the symbol of Taiwan Excellence a prestigious brand for enterprises in Taiwan to strive toward, and is highly reputed throughout the world.

Please visit http://www.taiwanexcellence.org/2017AAPEX for more information.

Event videos

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