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Taiwan Products Launch Press Conference@FIME 2019

Event schedule:2019-06-26 ~ 2019-06-26

Venue:Miami Beach Convention Center |LincoIn Road Room E

Event overview

Taiwan Excellence awards innovative products from Taiwan and shows how they can have a positive impact on consumers across the world. Learn how Bloomberg ranked health care in Taiwan among the best in the world. The Taiwan Medical: Wonder of the World International Press Conference on June 26 will showcase medical products from Taiwanese companies including AnsCare (Booth E58), Bionime (Booth L40), MDTK (Booth D67), and Tronware (Booth D65). Topics include wound healing, hospital to home care, glucose management, HD 3D visualization, minimally invasive surgical procedures, and microscope technologies.

Learn more: https://www.fimeshow.com/en/visit/taiwan-medical-wonder-of-the-world.htm




Teddy Lin teddylin@taitra.org.tw