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2019 Taiwan Excellence Seminar in Indonesia Hospital Expo

Event schedule:2019-10-01 ~ 2019-10-31

Venue:Jakarta Convention Center |Jakarta Convention Center

Event overview

● New Event!

● There are about 2,300 hospitals in Indonesia; 90% medical equipment rely on abroad import. The value of imported medical equipment to Indonesia in 2018 amounts about a billion USD.

● Indonesia Hospital Expo has been held since 1978, is the biggest and most historical international medicine-related exhibition in Indonesia, which offer a platform for overseas enterprises to enter an enormous market. 2018, there were near 50,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors from 16 countries, including doctors, hospital owners, home care specialists.

● We’re going to set up a Taiwan Excellence Pavilion in this exhibition to demonstrate brilliant medical product from Taiwan, also holding a media gathering in the period of this exhibition to offer a stage for exhibitors to release their strength.