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Taiwan Excellence @ Taiwan Expo 2019

Event schedule:2019-07-05 ~ 2019-07-06

Venue:‎Penang Setia Spice Convention Centre |‎Penang Setia Spice Convention Centre

Event overview

The Taiwan Expo is a series of exhibitions that showcase Taiwanese companies and their products in various industries in order to garner international interest in Taiwanese companies and help them expand abroad. In 2018, a series of Taiwan Expos were held separately in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This year’s Expo, as pointed out by the association, will feature products in the fields of  electronics and communication, environmental protection, electric vehicles and auto parts, medical equipment and health products, hardware and tools, beauty and cosmetic products, textiles, sports equipment, and agricultural food products.

During the Taiwan Expo 2019, Taiwan Excellence Pavilion will present Taiwan's leading products focusing on "Industrial 4.0", "Smart Healthcare" and "Smart Retailing".

Highlight Event Information:
Taiwan Excellence Seminar @ Taiwan Expo 2019 in Malaysia
Topic: Heading Toward Industry 4.0 ~Aiming at Smart Factory Applications
Date:  Friday, July 5th 2019 
Time: 2pm– 5pm
Venue: Function Room 7, Ground Mezzanine Floor, Setia SPICE Convention Centre, Penang