High mileage Coach tire
MAXXIS MA280 is the latest generation long haul bus tire, which is specified on wearing, fuel saving, noiseless and safety.
MA280 bears extreme mileage, offering the driving distance from the earth to the moon.
The tire compound adds new filler to stabilize the connection of molecule and slow down temperature acceleration caused by tire rolling which brings fuel saving effect.
In terms of tire structure, MA280 applies new unit-blended technology which helps lower fuel consumption to reduce operating costs. Innovative unit-blended tread compound reduces heat generation and provide better rolling resistance which brings new levels of fuel efficiency and saving.
In terms of pattern, MA280 is designed for comfort and noiseless demand of long haul bus. Straight grooves could reduce air friction and groove resonance; furthermore, multi-shaped block design and wave sipe could reduce sound waves and provide better driving comfort.
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New concept commercial tire
New concept commercial tire
High mileage Coach tire
High mileage Coach tire
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