SkyEye 5G UAV
The newly developed T-200 SkyEye 5G Live Streaming UAV by Thunder Tiger integrates high-quality camera gimbal and 5G high-compression image transmission technology, with long-term flight and high payload capability. At present, the live broadcast of large-scale news events and the live broadcast of TV Company use satellite news gathering vehicles (SNG vehicles), which can only provide a limited ground view and are expensive. The Thunder Tiger's SkyEye 5G Live Streaming UAV, as a large electric unmanned helicopter, It can stay in the air for nearly 60 minutes. The UAV can automatically avoid obstacles and conduct out of sight flight, coupled with breakthroughs in 5G communication equipment and image compression technology, provides real-time 5G transmitted news screen shooting and streaming services, making it possible to broadcast real-time news 4K images in the air, and become the world's leading 5G-4K image live broadcast equipment in the air.

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