Energy Storage Solution
EISC Series
Delta’s Energy System Solution (ESS) can dispatch and regulate power to strengthen the reliability of the power supply, stabilize development of renewables, and help industrial users participate in auxiliary services or meet RE100 requirements.

It includes a simulation tool, power conditioning system, battery system, control and energy management system, as well as construction and maintenance services. It adopts a modular design that can be flexibly configured for the most appropriate capacity, type, and form factor of equipment for different applications. Aiming at safety, it includes battery management system, anti-extended burn design, and more.

Take the generator backup as an example. Delta’s ESS can accurately controls power and maintain power supply within 0.2 seconds after detecting a trip. Combined with Delta’s original multitask operation mode, multiple applications, such as frequency regulation and PV smoothing, can also be set at the same time to maximize ESS performance.
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