ROMI direct drive motor
ROMI, short for Ring of Metrology and Inspection, an ultra-thin direct drive motor developed by HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM, can be applicable to semiconductor/LED manufacturing process, PCB inspection and various AOI applications. In response to market trends, such as high output rate, high plant area utilization rate, high equipment life cycle and low maintenance time, the following functions have been developed:
1. Lightweight (width 2.2cm): This lowers the center of gravity of equipment to facilitate the stability of operation and to increase the production rate.
2. Large hollow (Ø24cm): This allows various objects to shuttle freely in the center to realize simplified installation and to reduce the size of equipment.
3. Durable: Directly driven by the motor can avoid mechanical abrasion and greatly increase the service life of equipment.
4. Clean: Without extra mechanical structure, it can avoid wear and dust, reduce dust and pollution, and make users easily perform care and maintenance.

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