Intelligent tool magazine
High-speed rotation, accuracy and strong cutting are standard features for machining tools in industry 4.0 era. The expandable tool magazines with long-distance transportation, synchronous tool pulling and door opening/closing along with efficient and precise positioning drive source and tool selection functions so the product is launched.
-3 Taiwan new patents.
-Expandable structure increases 5 times of tool capacity.
-Dual arm with dual-axis allows the magazine cooperate with dual spindles or higher efficiency.
-Double guide layer device enhances efficiency.
-Driven by servo motor with high positioning accuracy and efficient movement.
-The intelligent safety device makes the machines stops once the belt is broken.
-The real-time monitoring of running status and prediction maintenance ensure machining quality and efficiency.
The product can be applied on various fields. The added value can help the global machinery industry increase around 2.2 billion sales revenue a year.

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