Super Miniature Guideway
HIWIN Super Miniature Guideway Series with 1mm rail width - MIT first, world second
1.Micron 1mm rail: Reduce size 20 times, parallelism in microns, low noise & long service life, provide 3C electronics, optical, semiconductor, medical high reliability, stability, accuracy & value-added upgrade.
2.Optimized recirculation: Reduced parts 75%. Integrated recirculation accommodates balls size Ø0.4. Simplify complexity & provide more space in equipment, enhance competitiveness, create higher added value.
3.Micron Craftsmanship: Accuracy & parallelism in microns, support precision medical equipment. Assist to detect virus size 0.1 μm!
4.Smooth Performance: Fine raceway profile & ball smaller than pen tip, create unprecedented operating experience, offer equipment high-speed operation (3m/s) & smoothness ( jitter< 5gf).
5.Trusted Quality: Approved stainless for heatment, provide corrosion & wear resistance, fufill semi-conductor critical demand environment.

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