Precision Filter Soft Start-Up Valve Module
UFMLV 300 Precision Regulator Soft Start-Up Valve Module, Precision filter can filtrate air (Nominal filtration rating: 0.01μm), users can realize filter element condition via visualized PC bowl, optional manual drain, auto drain and metal bowl can be selected per user’s using environment; Soft start-up valve will raise initial pressure and flow rate gradually in air cylinder to protect equipment and user’s safety; Shup-off valve is complied with OSHA standards, supply and exhaust can be visualized, and double action air supply design will prevent wrong action during operating.
UFMLV 300 Precision Regulator Soft Start-Up Valve Module can raise & release flow rate & air pressure slowly and adjust pressure, and bridge rectifier design will convert DC from AC to reduce noise, and DC voltage is 0.95 watt only, compared to other 3 watt components, low power consuming can save 70% energy.

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