Intelligent delivery service robot
1. This product is a trackless design. Compared with a tracked solution, there is no need to lay a magnetic track, which can greatly reduce the cost of installation and maintenance. With upgraded motion control technology and intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, and the range of movement is more flexible.
2. When the built-in power of the robot is too low, the automatic recharging function can be used to return the supplementary power. If there is a lot of people and there is no time for sufficient power, the backup battery can be replaced to keep the overall service uninterrupted.
3. The intelligent meal receiving robot of this product can be positioned in four application fields including catering service, welcome tour, indoor inspection and medical maintenance according to its appearance, and modify the appearance of the painting, it is also possible to add devices on the head, hands or above the plate for more diversified interactive application services.
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