Intelligent following vehicle system
[1] This product is a visual calculation technology design. it can meet the functions of smart follow people/follow the line/automatic driving mode. It makes the following car move faster and lighter, and the range of movement is more flexible.
[2] With TECO DC servo motion control technology, we continue to devote ourselves to the innovation of smart mobile devices, research and develop various products with high investment efficiency, lower the threshold of industrial automation, and provide advanced solutions to customers around the world.
[3] The built-in battery device of the smart follower car can keep running continuously for 8 hours. When the battery is too low, a fast battery extraction design can be used to replenish the power.
[4] The industry’s software and hardware design and localized system integration design, taking into account the height of the car body mechanism and the center of gravity, and increase sales methods to maximize the overall commercial benefits.
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